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American Communication Association
International organization with a moderate slant toward quantitative communication studies. E-journal, annual conference information, and links to research resources.
Canadian Communication Association
Bilingual scholarly group focused on Canadian communication issues. Conference information and basic research links. Also known as Association Canadienne de Communication.
Center For Communication
Provides seminars and speakers on journalism, public relations, and mass media issues. Speaker bios and calendar of events included.
Central States Communication Association
Organization for scholars in the Midwestern United States. Conference information and submission standards for its journal, Communication Studies.
Eastern Communication Association
Professional association for communication scholars in the northeastern United States. Submittal requirements for Communication Research Reports and Communication Quarterly.
ECA, Eastern Communication Association
Professional communication association focuses on research, criticism, communication theory, and excellence in teaching. With relevant links.
Georgia Communication Association
Affiliated with the National Communication Association. Conferences, directory of officers, FAQ, and guidelines.
International Communication Association
Scholarly organization known for its conferences in exotic locations. Abstracts of the current issue of Human Communication Research, Journal of Communication, and Communication Theory.
ISCA, International Speech Communication Association
Offers training, conferences and workshops. With membership details.
National Communication Association
An organization that studies all forms, modes, media and consequences of communication through humanistic, social scientific and aesthetic inquiry.
New Jersey Communication Association (NJCA)
State-level academic organization with explicitly eclectic interests provides online index to The New Jersey Journal of Communication.
Special Interest Group on Design of Communication of the Association for Computer Machinery offers conferences, publications and awards.
Southern States Communication Association
Organization for scholars in the southern United States provides submittal instructions for the Southern Communication Journal, as well as conference news and research links.
Western States Communication Association
Organization for scholars in the western United States. Includes conference information and manuscript submission guidelines for Western Journal of Communication and Communication Reports.
World Communication Association
Provides information on the Association and its objectives, news, publications, conferences and events. With membership details.
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