Sites about the study of animal bones and associated faunal remains discovered at archaeological sites. Sites regarding individuals who specialize in zooarchaeology can be found through the Zooarchaeologists @link.

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Ancient Biomolecules Centre
University of Oxford research center in the Departments of Zoology and Biological Anthropology. Projects include research on Phylogenetics, Pathogens, and Beringian permafrost.
Archaeozoology in New Zealand
Contains detailed information on several current research projects in New Zealand.
Binghamton University Archaeological Analytical Research Facility
Specimens represent taxa from the Northeastern United States, and include examples from South America, West Africa, and the Arctic. Species list and contact information.
Online community for zooarchaeology.
California State University Chico Zooarchaeology Lab
Skeletons of mammals, birds, and fish typical of Northern California and the Western Great Basin, where most of Chico State's archaeological research takes place. Detailed facility profile.
Canadian Zooarchaeology
A forum for topics of interest to zooarchaeologists working in Canada, and abroad. Regular and special feature articles are complemented by a variety of listings and exchanges.
Colorado State University Zooarchaeology
Collection of pages related to L.C. Todd's zooarchaeology class. Includes information on coding animal bones and bison osteology.
Florida Museum of Natural History - Zooarchaeology Comparative Collection
Skeletons of vertebrates and exoskeletons of mollusks and crustaceans from the southeastern United States, the West Indies, the circum-Caribbean area, and northwestern South America. Collection databases and contact information.
ICAZ Animal Palaeopathology Working Group
Palaeopathology forum and downloadable bibliography [DOC format].
Indiana University Zooarchaeology Laboratory
Profile of this laboratory whose purpose is to accumulate skeletal remains of indigenous animal species to facilitate identification of faunal materials from Indiana and contiguous states.
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology
Provides a forum for the publication of papers dealing with all aspects of the study of human and animal bones from archaeological contexts. Including coverage in the following key areas: palaeopathology, physical anthropology, epidemiology, chemical analysis, exploitation of animal resources, taphonomy.
Marine Turtle Exploitation in Bronze Age Oman
Paper by Christine Mosseri-Marlio, published in the Marine Turtle Newsletter.
North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation
NABO is an interdisciplinary, international, non-governmental regional research cooperative that works to serve scholars interested in the interactions of humans and changing landscapes across the North Atlantic region.
Research into the Aurochs
Research to retrace the history, morphology and ecology of the extinct aurochs (Bos primigenius).
University of Oregon Zooarchaeology
Profile of the zooarchaeology program including staff and comparative collection information.
Dig Discovery is Oldest 'Pet Cat'
From BBC, oldest known evidence of people keeping cats as pets may have been discovered by archaeologists. (April 08, 2004)
Did Carolina Dogs Arrive With Ancient Americans?
From National Geographic, Carolina Dog live much like the dogs of ancient times, suggesting to researchers that they may be America's most primitive dogs with roots that could stretch back across the ancient Asia-America land bridge. (March 11, 2003)
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