The scientific study of the material remains of sunken maritime vessels.

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California Shipwrecks
Articles about California shipwrecks plus pictures of artifacts, underwater video, an online database of California wrecks, and a list of shipwreck links from the California State Lands Commission.
Deep Dive Blog
Information on shipwrecks.
The Great Lakes Shipwreck File
Provides a list of losses of commercial vessels in the Great Lakes during the period 1679 - 1999, compiled by Dave Swayze.
Great Lakes Shipwrecks Preservation Soc
GLSPS was formed in 1996 to help preserve and restore the deteriorating shipwrecks of the Great Lakes region. Includes information and photographs.
Hunting New England Shipwrecks
Historical backgrounds, pictures and other information on some of New England's most well-known shipwrecks. Maps and charts of the area, information on locating and diving on wrecks, and a message board.
International Registry of Sunken Ships
Features a comprehensive shipwreck database and list of the greatest maritime disasters. Partly fee-based, but searching for one specific vessel is free.
Lost Treasures of the Seven Seas
Features new shipwreck discoveries and expeditions around the world, underwater archaeology and treasures from the deep. With photographs.
Minnesota's Historic Shipwrecks
Minnesota Historical Society information on Lake Superior and inland lake and river shipwrecks. Includes history and development of Great Lakes watercraft.
NOAA: Wrecks and Obstructions Database
Histories of each wreck from the Channel Islands National Park and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.
The Official RMS Republic Website
The palatial White Star Line steamship RMS Republic sank January 24, 1909. This website exposes the story about the loss of a shipment of $15 billion in gold, destined for the Czar of Russia, but which never arrived - and the political coverup that impacted the world and precipitated the loss of White Star Line's Titanic.
Old Ship Remains in the Solent
Scholarly report from Southampton University on ancient ship timbers discovered off the coast of Hayling Island, southern England.
Sadana Island Shipwreck Project
Cheryl Ward describes the underwater excavation in 1996 of an Ottoman-period shipwreck off Egypt's Red Sea coast by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology.
Shipwreck World
Dedicated to discovering shipwreck stories from around the world.
Shipwrecks: Time Capsules of Human Civilization
Interactive weblog devoted to discussions regarding ships, shipwrecks and nautical archaeology.
Sub Sea Research, LLC
Company locating and recovering researched historic shipwrecks worldwide. Includes information on the professional team, the marine technology used, artifact recovery, conservation and current projects.
Victorian Ships' Graveyard
Underwater exploration of shipwrecks in the waters of Bass Strait, Victoria, Australia. History of the area referred to as the Graveyard, legislation protecting it, and details of current projects.
Whitby Dive Site
Provides information on Yorkshire, UK shipwrecks, with accurate descriptions, depths and GPS positions.
Wisconsin Shipwrecks
Information from the underwater archaeology program of the Wisconsin Historical Society. Includes videos and a Kid's Corner.

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