The scientific study of material remains of past human life and activities at present lying under the sea or other body of water.

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1994 Preliminary Report for Fujairah
Preliminary report outlines the surveying efforts made by the University of California Office of Scientific Diving research team, led by Chris Kostman, M.A. This survey of the entire eastern coast of the UAE.
Airplanes Underwater Blog
Underwater aviation archaeology news.
Archaeology of Whaling in Southern Australia and New Zealand
An international project looking at the archaeology and history of Australasia's whaling industry. Aims, conferences, bibliography, regional contributions.
Ballard and the Black Sea
National Geographic reports on Dr Bob Ballard's expedition in search of evidence of human habitation on the bed of the Black Sea. Interviews, transcripts, and observation logs.
Charter on the Protection and Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage
From the International Council of Monuments and Sites.
Department of Maritime Archaeology Bibliographic Database
Searchable listing of maritime archaeological and associated references from the Western Australia Museum.
Issues in Underwater Archaeology
The Connecticut Office of State Archaeology is striving to develop a cooperative approach to protecting our maritime heritage. Artifact identification, workshops, FAQs for divers, sites in Connecticut.
Nordic Underwater Archaeology
Describes how the cold brackish Baltic Sea has preserved wrecks, as well as giving links to maritime archaeology resources worldwide.
Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project
Performs background research, collects historical information and conducts field work on the vessels beneath Rhode Island waters.
River Yields Sunken Scientific Riches
From NBC News, Hudson mapping project reveals hidden treasure, including scores of historic shipwrecks.
The Trireme Trust
Studies of the design, use, and capabilities of this historically important type of ship.
Ultramarine Newsletter
Encourages research of coastal archaeology and maritime heritage of the Americas. (Spanish and English)
Underwater Archaeology Discussion List
Sub-Arch covers the field of underwater archaeology. It is a list primarily intended for professionals in the field.
Underwater Mystery Unravels
Xinhua reports on China's first-ever underwater archaeological expedition. The site, possibly Han Dynasty, is deep in Fuxian Lake in Southwest China's Yunnan Province. (June 04, 2001)
Shipwreck Salvage - Treasure Hunters vs. Archaeologists
An illustrated article from on kraters, amphoras and other Greek pottery found in shipwrecks. (October 20, 1998)

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