Categorization and analysis of all forms of rock art with respect to past cultures.

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Anasazi Rock Art
Photographs of rock art of the Anasazi and other pueblo dwelling early inhabitants of the Four Corners Region of the United States.
Anasazi Rock Art Photos
Photos of Anasazi Indian rock art, otherwise known as petroglyphs. These pictorial stories were chipped out of the desert varnish in Entrada sandstone about 600 years ago.
Archives of ROCK-ART
Rock art discussion list.
Bolivian Rock Art Research Society (SIARB)
Society for investigation and recording of rock paintings and petroglyphs, protection and conservation of rock art sites, as well as publication of scientific reports and education of the general public.
Bradshaw Paintings
The Bradshaw Paintings are incredibly sophisticated, as you will see from the 32 pictures in the Paintings Section, yet they are not recent creations but originate from an unknown past period which some suggest could have been 50,000 years ago.
International Federation of Rock Art Organizations (IFRAO)
Federation of national and regional organizations promoting the study of rock art and cognitive archaeology. Features news, reports, information on conferences, and contact details.
International Rock Art Database Project
University of New Mexico computerized database system for the storage and analysis of rock art data being developed with the support of the National Park Service, the Sandia Pueblo and the Chamisa Foundation.
Rock Art
Photographs by Brian and Dave Lee of petroglyphs, pictographs, cave paintings, mostly Archaic styles of the Southwestern U.S.
Rock Art at Rice
Introduction to prehistoric art with an emphasis on the southwest and western United States. Dating, interpretive theories, image database, and conservation.
Rock Art Dating and Conservation
Essays on rock art dating and the rational for rock art conservation. History of and continuing rock art destruction is discussed.
Rock Art of the Blood of the Ancestors Grotto
Data collection and analysis of the prehistoric pictographs of the Blood of the Ancestors Grotto, Saline County, Illinois.
Rock Art Pages
A series of articles by James Q. Jacobs on the rock art of the American Southwest. Illustrated with photographs, ink renditions and background graphics. Includes free educational materials and desktop patterns.
Rock Art Research & Art History
Focuses on the research interests of Reinaldo Morales including rock art of the Americas, photographs of prehistoric art, and links of interest to students of art history.
Rock Art Studies: A Bibliographic Database
Database of over 10,000 citations to the world's rock art literature, with an emphasis on English language and North American citations. Compiled by M. Leigh Marymor and hosted by the Bancroft Library, Berkley. A Rock Art Site
Includes a worldwide database of rock art links.
Utah Rock Art Research Association
Organization dedicated to the education about and preservation of Native American rock art. Annual symposium information, membership, publications, gallery of rock art.
Earliest Evidence of Art found
Archaeologists in Zambia uncover evidence that early humans used paint for aesthetic purposes far earlier than previously thought. (May 02, 2000)
Petroglyph Looters Sentenced
Article on the sentencing of Arizona residents convicted of removing and selling petroglyphs from a national forest. (June 24, 1995)
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