This is for sites concerning the monuments, tombs, and other architectonic constructions prominently featuring very large (mostly shaped) stones.

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Ancient Stones - Megaliths in Western Europe
Picture gallery and descriptions of megalithic sites in Western Europe. In English and German, with map interface.
German Stonepages
Provides information on megaliths in and around Osnabrück in North Germany, in English and German. Includes hiking trails [in German] and links.
Klaus' megaliths
A detailed collection of pictures of menhirs and prehistoric graves in Germany, with descriptions and links. Also in German.
A Major New Megalithic Complex in Europe
A new megalithic complex has been discovered, second only to Carnac in size and importance in Europe. Set in the forested hill-country of the Istranca Mountains in Turkish Thrace, clustered around the sacred mountain of Muhittin Baba, lies a group of standing stone complexes of comparable complexity and size, with the total number of individual stones reaching over 2,000
The Megalithic Portal
Database of ancient sites worldwide with thousands of entries and photographs. Information is contributed by visitors from dozens of countries. Also includes a regularly updated news section and active forum.
Megaliths in Western Europe
Odile Prigent describes these great stone monuments and the Neolithic farmers who built them. Plans, drawings and photographs of the different types; important examples. French and English versions.
Megaliths of Apulia
Toti Calo's photographic book of megaliths in Europe and specifically Apulia, Italy.
Megalítica - Megaliths of Menorca
Photographs and descriptions by St. Jakobi of a variety of ancient structures on the island of Menorca.
Stone Pages
Some of the most interesting megalithic and other archaeological sites in Europe.
Stones of Italy
In Italy too, there are megalithic monuments.
Virtual visit to the prehistoric village of Talatí de Dalt, Minorca,. In English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Deutsch and Italiano.
A visit to Son Catlar
Virtual visit to the prehistoric village of Son Catlar, Minorca. In English, Spanish and Catalan.
Who Built New England's Megalithic Monuments?
Article by Paul Tudor Angel explores the possible origins of "odd rocks" found in the northeastern United States.
Yemeni Megaliths
A chance discovery of a group of megaliths on a coastal plain in western Yemen has sent scholars scrambling to explain why and how people were living there between ca. 2400 and 800 B.C. Article from Archaeology. (December 10, 1997)

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