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Covers all uses and potential uses of computers in archaeology.

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Archaeobotanical Computer Database
A review of the archaeological evidence for food plants from the British Isles: an example of the use of the Archaeobotanical Computer Database (ABCD) by Philippa Tomlinson and Allan R. Hall.
Archaeological Data Archive Project
Web documents with archaeological data that may be viewed online and files that may be downloaded from the CSA server for inspection on users' machines with the aid of their own software.
Archeologia e Calcolatori
Archeologia e Calcolatori is an international journal established in 1990 and edited by the Italian National Research Council. It focuses on methodological and technical aspects of computer applications to archaeology.
CAD Guide for Archaeology and Architectural History
From the Center for the Study of Architecture.
Computer Applications in Archaeology
Directory of links to GIS, virtual reality, graphics and simulation, database, and on-line publishing in archaeology.
Computing in Archaeology
Nick Ryan explains how to create computer reconstructions of ancient buildings, and discusses mobile computing applications in archaeological fieldwork.
Constructing the Giza Plateau Computer Model
Article which details the efforts to construct a computer model of the Giza Plateau and its architectural components from published maps, survey, and excavation reports.
The Corinth Computer Project
Project whose goal is to generate a computerized architectural and topographical survey of the Roman colony of Corinth. includes a Quicktime panorama, city plan, and project methodology and bibliography.
Cultural Resources GIS Facility: National Park Service
Contains links relevant to applying GPS to historic preservation and architectural surveys.
IOSA - Internet and Open Source in Archaeology
Promotes the use of open source software and open stardards in archaeological computing.
Modelling of Structure in the Archaeology of Buildings
Internet Archaeology article "The need for the solid modelling of structure in the archaeology of buildings" by Robert Daniels.
National Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage
Egypt's new archaeological database project. Includes archaeological map of Egypt.
Online Archaeology
Portal and forum for the use of computers to collect, store, analyze and interpret archaeological and heritage data.
Presenting Archaeological Information with Java Applets
A paper by R.M. Yorston, published in Archaeological Computing Newsletter 48.
SIDGEIPA: An Archaeological Information System
Presentation of an archaeological information system whose main features are Harris Matrix automization, 3D reconstructions, and database management of stratigraphical units, artifacts, and radiocarbon dates.
Free Harris matrix analysis software.
Sustaining the Research Agenda: Enhancing the Digital Resource
Sponsored by the Archaeology Data Service at the University of York on Wednesday 29 January 2003.
Human Migration Tracked In Stanford Computer Simulation
From ScienceDaily, Early humans migrating from Africa carried small genetic differences like so much flotsam in an ocean current. Now researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have devised a model for pinpointing where mutations first appeared, providing a new way to trace the migratory path of our earliest ancestors. (January 22, 2004)
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