The investigation of past cultures of the modern nationstate of Turkey through the study and scientific analysis of material remains (i.e., osteological, artifactual, architectural, etc.).

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Limited access YahooGroup. Mailing list is for enabling discussion and communication amongst archaeologists working/interested in pre-classical Ancient Anatolia, and related regions. English/French/German/Turkish
Ancient Anatolia and Asia Minor
Discover the ancient civilizations and sites of Anatolia. Includes: maps, bibliography, images, and articles.
Ancient City of Ephesus
History, information and pictures of Ephesus, an ancient city.
Antiquity: A Major New Megalithic Complex in Europe
Article by Rabia Erdogu on a large megalithic complex that has been discovered in the Istranca Mountains in Turkish Thrace.
Illustrated history and description of the archeological sites in Aphrodisias.
Excavations at the ancient city of Aphrodisias by New York University. Location map, plan, history and detailed report with bibliography.
The city of Aphrodisias, the birth place of the goddess of love. Includes images and maps.
All about antique city of aphrodisias with images, videos and introduction.
Archaeological Settlements of Turkey (TAY)
The TAY Project is designed to build a chronological inventory of the cultural heritage of Turkey. Includes: news, database, survey, and links. (In Turkish and English)
The Archaeological Settlements of Turkey Project
Aims to create, maintain and make available to the international community a complete inventory of all archeological sites within Turkey. English and Turkish.
Bronze door-knockers of Cizre Great Mosque: A New Example
An article by Z. Kenan Bilici. One of the most remarkable examples of the Anatolian Medieval Islamic metal works is the bronze cast door-knockers from the Cizre2-Great Mosque, that are in the form of a dragon.
Catal Hoyuk
Copiously illustrated article from Focus Online Magazine on the oldest and largest Neolithic city found.
Entry from Tufts Perseus Site Catalog. Includes images, maps, buildings and history.
History and sites of the city of Ephesus.
Ephesus Guide
Virtual tour by a travel company. Includes 3D and normal images of the monuments.
Ephesus guide including information about Ephesus, tours to Ephesus, Temple of Artemis, The House of Virgin Mary, pictures, Goddess Artemis, Hierapolis, Aphrodisias, Miletus, and Priene.
Hacimusalar Excavations
Bilkent University describes its excavations on this mound in the central Lycian plateau, which epigraphic evidence suggests was the site of the ancient city of Choma.
International Nemrud Foundation
Provides an overview and a virtual tour of the Nemrud, the throne of the gods, in the Taurus Range in Turkey. Includes photos, a history, inscriptions, and literature about this World Heritage Monument. [English, Turkish, German, and Dutch]
Kerkenes Dag Project
Summaries of the main aspects of the project, illustrations of methods employed and results obtained, and a selection of reports and research papers.
The Lycian Federation
A pictoral survey of Lycian Turkey, by David Cunliffe Pointer.
Mysteries of Çatalhöyük
The Science Museum of Minnesota explores the multitude of questions surrounding the findings at this archaeological dig in Turkey. Includes a virtual tour and timeline.
Scientific Enterprise in Pursuit and Discovery of Ancient Cultures
Discusses findings in eastern Anatolia pertaining to the Durupinar site, artifacts found, and ekistics.
University Archaeologists Return to Amuq
Inundations and other natural disasters usually spell the end for important archaeological projects, but in a rare example of a fortuitous flood, the Oriental Institute is recovering important additional artifacts from a site abandoned 55 years ago in Turkey.
The Virtual World of Nemrud Dagi
Description of Learning Sites virtual re-creation of the Hellenistic Sanctuary of Nemrud Dagi, Turkey.
David Kennedy, University of Western Australia, describes the flooding of the remains of the ancient city of Samosata and the similar threat to Zeugma. Includes bibliography.
Ziyaret Tepe
During the late Iron Age (c. 900-600 BCE), Ziyaret Tepe was an important urban center on the northern edge of the Assyrian Empire. Contemporary cuneiform texts suggest that during this time Ziyaret Tepe was the Assyrian provincial capital of Tushhan.
Çatalhöyük Excavations
Official site on the excavations carried out at this neolithic site in Turkey. Excavation reports and newsletters on the work of the international team of archaeologists.
Dionysos Statue To Be Given Back To Turkey
From the Turkish Press Daily News, Turkey won the legal fight for bringing the bronze Dionysos Statue back in. (October 22, 2002)

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