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Archaeology at the Israel Museum
This museum in Jerusalem provides online exhibitions and an illustrated catalog of its collections from prehistory until the thirteenth century.
Archeological Sites in Israel
An illustrated gazetteer from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Beit She'arim: The Jewish Necropolis of the Roman Period
An illustrated description from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this town founded in the reign of King Herod, with its many tombs and catacombs.
From Archaeology to Archaeometry and Back
Describes the work of Hebrew University professor Jan Gunneweg on the archaeology of Israel and the eastern Mediterranean.
Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Institute of Archaeology
Describes academic programs, staff, excavation, research projects, library and collections.
Brief article by Jay Levinson in The Jewish Magazine describes this fortified palace located 15 kilometers south of Yerushalayim. With photos.
Herodium: King Herod's Palace-Fortress
Illustrated article on this palace-fortress built by King Herod, and its excavations.
Inscriptions from the Land of Israel Peoject
Seeks to collect and make accessible over the Web all of the previously published inscriptions (and their English translations) from the Land of Israel from the Persian period through the Islamic conquest (ca. 500 BCE - 640 CE).
Israel Antiquities Authority
The official site explains its services and policy. Also examples of the country's rich archaeological heritage, news, exhibitions and publications.
Katzrin: A Village in the Golan
Illustrated article describing this ancient Jewish village and its excavations.
Material Culture of the Ancient Canaanites, Israelites and Related Peoples
An information database from excavations. Includes images and text.
Oil Lamps from the Holy Land
The Adler Collection includes more than 1,000 oil lamps, dated from the Bronze Age until the late Islamic Period. The collection represents all of the main types of oil lamps known throughout the periods.
Report on the Zoilos Votive Inscription
Pre-publication information on the stone tablets unearthed by archaeologists at the Tel-Dan site.
Robert Deutsch
Archaeologist and epigraphist: includes bibliography, articles and photographs.
The Roman Boat from the Sea of Galilee
The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs describes the discovery in 1986 of a boat constructed and used between 100 BCE and 70 CE.
Second Temple Synagogues
Donald D. Binder's study of synagogues built before A.D. 70. Texts, illustrations, plans, and descriptions.
Tel Aviv Journal of the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology
Publishes studies on the history, culture, and archaeology of the Ancient Near East. Includes contents, price and contact information.
Tel Quasile
A late Bronze Age and Philistine site in Tel Aviv.
W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research
Supports American-led study of the ancient Near East: describes history, staff, fellowship program, and contact information.
Yodefat: A Town in Galilee
Illustrated article on this fortress dating from the time of Joshua and its excavations.
Farming Origins Gain 10,000 Years
Brief article from the BBC News about principal plant foods eaten by the people at Ohalo. (June 23, 2004)
Early Man Had Mining in Mind
From Nature, an Israeli research team has caught our ancestors in the act of learning to mine raw materials for tools. (May 18, 2004)
Earliest Fire Sheds Light on Hominids
Nature article on ancient hearths unearthed in Israel considered to be nearly 800 millennia old. (April 30, 2004)
Scarlet Symbols Emerge in Israeli Cave
From Science News. Lumps of red ocher excavated near human graves in an Israeli cave indicate that symbolic thinking occurred at least 90,000 years ago, much earlier than archaeologists have traditionally assumed. (November 01, 2003)
Archaeologists Uncover 12,000-year-old Settlement
Article from the Age reporting the discovery of a 12,000-year-old neolithic settlement west of Jerusalem. (August 01, 2003)

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