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Anglo-Scandinavian and Roman Remains at 28 - 29 High Ousegate, York, UK
Report by York Archaeological Trust describing evidence for craft industries on the site including leather working, textile production, antler working and horn working.
Anglo-Scandinavian, Medieval and Post-Medieval Urban Occupation at 41–49 Walmgate, York
Report by York Archaeological Trust on excavations between August and October 2000 on the industrial hub of medieval York.
Arbeia Roman Fort at South Shields
An article on the excavation with plans and photographs (one showing the reconstructed gatehouse) originally published in Current Archaeology 133.
Archaeology in Birmingham
Birmingham City Council's planning archaeologist introduces himself and the city's heritage, outlines council policy, explains its Sites and Monuments Record and describes the latest discoveries.
Archaeology in East Sussex
The county council's archaeology service maintains the Historic Environment Record and advises on planning applications. Offers training and volunteering opportunities.
BBC Radio 4 - Unearthing Mysteries - Tri-Radial Cairns in Northumberland
Prof. Aubrey Manning examines possible astronomical alignments in a class of cairns found in northernmost England.
Buckinghamshire County Council: Archaeology
Responsible for the maintenance and development of Buckinghamshire's Historic Environment Record. Information on archaeology and development, historic towns and the historic landscape in the county.
Butser Ancient Farm
An open-air laboratory where experiments into every aspect of prehistoric life are continuously being conducted.
Caistor Roman Town, Norfolk
Short description of the Roman town of Caistor St Edmund, once Norfolk's capital. Map of the remains.
Canterbury Archaeological Trust Fieldwork
Searchable excerpts from the Annual Reports of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust, hosted by Peter Collinson.
Canterbury Cathedral
An illustrated report by Kevin Blockley and Paul Bennett on the discovery by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust of remains of the Anglo-Saxon cathedral. Plan and reconstruction drawing.
Chedworth Roman Villa
Guide to Chedworth Roman Villa for exploring and understanding the remains of a large country house of the Roman period.
Chester: A Virtual Stroll Around the Walls
Steve Howe of the Black and White Picture Place provides a guide around the Roman and medieval city wall. Map, modern and archival images with description and history, including quotations from primary sources.
Creswell Crags - Home of the Ice Age Hunter
Creswell Heritage Trust provides an illustrated guide to this limestone gorge honeycombed with caves which have yielded evidence of life during the last Ice Age. Visitor information.
Defences of Chester
Computer reconstructions of the Roman town walls by Julian Baum and Tim Strickland.
Derbyshire Archaeology
County Council maintains the Sites and Monuments Record, advises on sites and finds, and provides grants for archaeology. Contact information and outline of services.
Dorset County Council: Historic Environment Record
A record of all aspects of the historic environment of the county. It is a public record and enquiries are welcome.
English Heritage Archaeology and Survey
The department responsible for providing advice and expertise in archaeology and archaeological science. Includes summaries of projects funded by the Archaeology Commission.
Gosfield Hall Donkey Gin and Beam Pump
Photographs, description, and restoration plans provided by the Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society.
Herefordshire Through Time
A huge resource from the Herefordshire Sites and Monuments Record. It includes a county history, database of archaeological sites and gazetteers of castles, chapels, prisons and workhouses.
Humber Archaeology Partnership
Joint archaeology service for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Kingston upon Hull City Council. Also a contracting unit. Staff, services, publication list, book reviews, events.
I Dig Sheffield
An online guide to archaeology around Sheffield and the Peak District from Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust. Sheffield City Museum's collection, archaeological sites and news. Messageboard.
Lincolnshire's Archaeology
The County Council's archaeology section describes its services, provides contact details and gives photographs and descriptions of historic sites to visit and other finds.
Lincolnshire's Archaeology Handbook
Guidelines for all those involved in archaeological projects mainly initiated as a result of the town and country planning process.
Performative Practice: Identity and Agency at the Causewayed Enclosures of Windmill Hill and Etton
Dissertation by Oliver Harris focusing on these two Neolithic sites.
The Roman Painted House at Dover, England
Roman archaeological site discovered in 1970 by the Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit in Dover, and open to the public.
Roman Roadside Settlement at Nettleton
Lincolnshire County Council gives a brief outline of its excavations in conjunction with the Universities of Durham and Sheffield. Plan of Roman Lincolnshire.
Roman Villas in England
Britain Express outlines the history and features of Roman villas in England, with diagrams. Brief details of major villas to visit.
Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project
A multi-period, multi-disciplinary research project on a typical Norfolk parish. Includes details of the research areas, illustrated reports, taught courses and the supervisory team.
Silchester Roman Town, Hampshire
The University of Reading runs a training excavation here every summer. Clickable map of the Roman town showing excavations, photographs, background, interim reports, reconstruction.
Southern Quantocks Archaeological Survey
Department of Archaeology, University of Winchester. Outlines the project for its survey of the 100 or so crop mark sites in the area: background, methodology, maps and photographs.
St. Albans Archaeology and History
Archaeologist Chris Saunders provides an interactive tour of medieval St. Albans via clickable map, and chronology of the city once Roman Verulamium and later a rich abbey.
A Study of Grimspound
Remains of a middle Bronze Age settlement on Dartmoor, England. The site consists essentially of a walled enclosure of a little over four acres in area containing the remains of many dwellings which take the form of circles of granite boulders known as hut circles or round houses.
Suffolk's Archaeology Service
Guidance on reporting archaeological objects, procedure for excavations. Publications: An Historical Atlas of Suffolk (introduction online); A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Material from Suffolk. Annual reports.
Warwickshire Sites and Monuments Record
A database of images and information about thousands of sites and finds in the county, dating from prehistory through to the 20th century. Discovery Zone for young people. Glossary.
Whitehall Farm Roman Villa and Landscape Project
Professional archaeologists, students and volunteers are uncovering a Roman villa and bath house complex at Nether Heyford in Northamptonshire. Results, project outline and community involvement.
Whittlewood Project
Medieval settlements and landscapes in the Whittlewood, Northants area. Project outline, archaeological and historical research, parish surveys. With photos and maps.
Yorkshire Rock Art
Graeme C. presents location maps, photographs and descriptions of Yorkshire's Neolithic and Bronze Age cup and ring rock carvings.
Tests Show Cathedral Timbers are Original
From Guardian Unlimited, in 1222 they had a crisis in Salisbury. Masons were racing ahead raising the walls of the cathedral, but the carpenters were running out of timbers needed for the roof. (March 05, 2003)
Prehistoric Britons' Taste for Milk
From BBC, scientists analyse fat residues on pots to show ancient Britons were keeping animals for milk at least 6,500 years ago. (January 27, 2003)
Bones Unearthed at Medieval Ship Site
From BBC, experts digging up the remains of a 15th century ship from a Newport river uncover two leg bones which they believe were a medieval salvage worker's. (December 12, 2002)
Medieval Ship's Hull is Removed
From the BBC, final section of a 15th Century trading vessel discovered preserved in mud by a south Wales river is removed by archaeologists. (November 07, 2002)
Iron Age Chariot Unearthed
The Hull Daily Mail reports the discovery of a chariot and skeleton at Wetwang, East Yorkshire. Thought to be the burial of an aristocrat from the Parisi tribe. (April 07, 2001)
Seahenge Dated to Spring 2050 BC
From BBC, precise dating reveals that Seahenge 4,050 years old. Photographs, reconstruction, links. (December 01, 1999)
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