The investigation of past cultures of the modern nationstate of Italy through the study and scientific analysis of material remains (i.e., osteological, artifactual, architectural, etc.).

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The Arch of Constantine
Illustrated description of the arch which was erected to celebrate Constantine I's victory at the Milvian Bridge in 312 CE. Includes bibliography and over 60 photographs.
Archaeology of the National Park of Pollino in Calabria, Italy. Descriptions and photo galleries of Greek, Roman, Enotrian, Byzantine and Longobards sites.
The Capitoline Hill
Detailed description of the history and monuments of the Capitoline Hill in antiquity, from the Capitoline Museums. Includes maps and photographs.
Official website of the archaeological site of the Imperial Forums, Rome. Includes maps, a virtual tour, and information on life in ancient Rome.
Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria
1848 volume by George Dennis. The complete work online. 1165 pages, engravings, maps, and plans.
Death of the Iceman
Provides documentary about Oetzi, the Iceman. Includes transcripts of BBC documentery.
Model of Rome
Paul Bigot's zoomable scale model of ancient Rome, at the University of Caen in France, with descriptions of monuments.
Ostia - The Harbour of Ancient Rome
Provides detailed information for professional archaeologists and historians, for students of Roman archaeology and history, and for interested lay-people. Maintained by the Internet Group Ostia (IGO).
Ostia Antica
The harbor of the ancient Rome. Photos, story and links.
Pompeii Forum Project
An archaeologically based research project that documents the design and decoration of the forum of Pompeii and addresses issues of urban history and design.
Pompeii Interactive
A CD-ROM exploring Pompeii with photographs, virtual reality, maps, and information. Online preview includes the history of the discovery of Pompeii, with biographies of the archaeologists involved.
Roman gold mine of Bessa
Alberto Vaudagna's description of the archaeology, history and geology of this area in Piedmont, with images and bibliography. Includes a 2nd century BCE gold mine and Protohistoric rock art.
The Roman Villa of Piazza Armerina, Sicily
An illustrated room-by-room description by René Seindal of the villa with the richest collection of late Roman mosaics. Includes bibliography, plan and more than 200 photographs.
Roman Water-Mills on the Janiculum Hill, Rome
Andrew Wilson of Oxford University describes the excavation in 1998 of several mill-wheels installed in two mill-races parallel to the main channel of the Aqua Traiana.
Soprintendenza Archeologica di Pompei
Official site of the excavations of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Boscoreale, Oplontis and Stabia (in English and Italian).
A Study Of The Topography And Municipal History Of Praeneste
E-text of 1908 book by Ralph Van Deman Magoffin on this member of the Latin League.
Ancient Carved 'Faces' Found
From BBC, Italian scientist says he has found a carved stone head that is 200,000 years old. (October 11, 2003)
Iceman's Final Meal
From the BBC, the last two meals eaten by the 5,300-year-old iceman, dubbed Oetzi, have been revealed by scientists. (September 16, 2002)
A Cache of Vintage Ships
An illustrated article by Andrew Slaymana in Archaeology on the ancient Roman ships unearthed at Pisa, Italy. (July 01, 1999)

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