The investigation of past cultures of the modern nationstate of France through the study and scientific analysis of material remains (i.e., osteological, artifactual, architectural, etc.).

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Archaeological Guides of France: Great Archeological Sites
Monographs published by the French Ministry of Culture on prehistoric or ancient sites or towns, or describing the ruins of a region. Abstracts online.
Britain and France in Dispute Over Cave Art
From the Telegraph, British claim the French may have exaggerated their age by 18,000 years under official pressure to promote them as the oldest cave paintings in the world.
The Cave of Lascaux
The French Ministry of Culture provides a virtual tour of this famous Paleolithic cave with text links on its history and artwork.
Cave Reveals Spectacular Secrets
From the BBC, French archaeologists find a cave in the Dordogne covered with drawings which they think are almost 30,000 years old.
Celtic Improvisations
An illustrated art-historical analysis of coins of the Coriosolites of Brittany by John Hooker, based on the La Marquanderie hoard from Jersey. Maps of hoard discoveries and mint zones.
Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave
History of its discovery, and pictures of the finds, and the scientific research
Cosquer Cave
The French Ministry of Culture describes a Paleolithic art gallery in a cave that can be accessed only through a 175-meter tunnel beneath sea level. Photographs of the animal drawings and hand stencils that decorate it.
Excavations at Colletière
The French Ministry of Culture describes the 'farmer-knights' who settled c.1010 CE on the wooded shores of Paladru lake and the techniques that have uncovered the evidence for them.
France Cave Paintings & Rock Art Archive
Provides photographs and information on the cave paintings of southern France.
Lascaux Cave Paintings and Location
Photographs and information on what may be the most beautiful Paleolithic painted cave in the world.
Saint-Denis: A Town of the Middle Ages
Maps and 3D images, objects, a slide show, games, animations and educational materials reveal the city's portrait and its shape as it changed over time. Includes details of the town's archaeological unit and its work.
Dietler Discovers Statue in France that Reflects an Etruscan Influence
From the Chronicle, life-sized statue of a warrior discovered in southern France reflects a stronger cultural influence for the Etruscan civilization throughout the western Mediterranean region than previously appreciated. (February 19, 2004)
Archaeologists Trace early Britons in Brittany
The Oxford University Gazette reports that excavations at Le Yaudet under Profs. Barry Cunliffe and Patrick Galliou suggest that Britons fled there from the West Country. (December 11, 1997)

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