The scientific study of material remains of the civilization centred on ancient Rome and culminating in the Roman Empire. The period is here taken to be from the expulsion of the Etruscan dynasty in 510 BC to the overthrow of the Western Empire in 476 AD.

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Lacus Curtius
Bill Thayer's extensive collection of materials on ancient Rome. Includes a gazetteer of sites in the Roman Empire with annotated photographs of Roman monuments, classical texts and 19th-century archaeological and topographical works.
Ancient Vienne
The French Ministry of Culture provides a virtual visit to the Roman city: model, plans, photographs and description. Also a guide, bibliography and visitor information.
Discovering Roman Roads
Provides information on the visible traces of the Roman road network across Europe and North Africa. In English and Italian.
The Egnatia Way
Devoted to the ancient Roman road through the Balkans via Egnatia and to the ancient landscape of Albania, Macedonia and Greece. [English, Italian, Macedonian and German]
A Gazetteer of the Roman World
This section of Bill Thayer's huge Lacus Curtius site provides many photographs of cities and monuments of the ancient Roman world, some with detailed commentary.
Lepcis Magna - The Roman Empire in Africa
Dr Hafed Walda reports on the latest excavations of this amazingly preserved Roman city on the North African coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Major Roman Settlements and Roman Roads in the UK
Provides a map showing the location of major settlements and roads during the period of the Roman occupation. It includes a list of the Roman names of settlements with links to their present day counterparts.
Museum of St Albans and Verulamium Museum
The Roman city at the present St. Albans was the third largest in Roman Britain. An introduction with historical outline, reconstruction drawing, photographs and links.
Roman Chariotway Outflanked Modern Road
From the Gardian, archaeologists have unearthed a Roman "motorway" wider than the A road which runs along the same route today.
Roman Glassmakers
Re-creations of Hellenistic and Roman 'cast' mosaic glass vessels by Mark Taylor and David Hill, with discussions on ancient glassmaking techniques
Roman Open Air Museum Hechingen-Stein
A reconstructed Roman Villa Rustica from the 1st to the 3rd century A.D. Description of the site, walking tour and panoramic views.
The Roman Roads
The oldest road map in existence - Peutinger's Tabula, a 12th-century copy of a Roman road map. Each section is accompanied by related links.
Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
Publishes 'Journal of Roman Studies' and 'Britannia' and monographs (abstracts online). Activities, lectures, grants.
Roman Mosaic Treasure Unearthed
From the Telegraph, dazzling Roman mosaics have been discovered by archaeologists on the site of an ancient villa in Sicily. (July 10, 2003)
Ancient Roman Cosmetic Cream Unearthed
From New Scientist, stunningly well-preserved cosmetics canister, containing a white cream, has been unearthed at the site of an ancient Roman temple in London. (July 08, 2003)
See You at the Spa!
A re-analysis of Roman Bath's iconography led Martin Henig to envision the spa as a place used both by Romans and aspiring native Celts. Article in Archaeology. (January 28, 2000)

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