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Building a Geographic Information System of Ancient Maya Settlement
Project by Walter R. T. Witschey and Clifford T. Brown, to study settlement patterns: includes research papers and maps.
European Association of Mayanists
Formed by young scholars searching for academic contacts. Links professionals, students and amateurs for conferences, information exchange, and workshops. Links, bibliography, publications, collection inventories, news, and conference information.
Foxx Archive
Features a photo gallery of Jeffrey Jay Foxx, ethnographic photographer. Includes a biography, a list of exhibitions and books, and related links.
Maya Archaeology
Facts and artifacts relative to Mayan archaeology, prehispanic pyramid architecture, Latin America, Mesoamerica, featuring Olmec jade, stelae and sculpture at Copan, and showing how pre-Columbian art can be reproduced aided by new digital technology.
The Maya Ruins Page
Photos from Uxmal, Labna, Sayil, Chacmultun, Becan, Xpujil, Tikal, Xunantunich, Lamanai, Kohunlich, Chicanna, Edzna, and Dzibilnocac.
Mayan Civilization
Glenn Welker describes the locations and development of Maya civilization. Michael Lemonick gives a history of the related archeological research.
Mayan Collection
Photographs, rubbings, and illustrations, featuring rubbings of stelae from 1970-71 in Guatemala; views of monuments published in 1844 by Catherwood.
Precolumbian portfolio features a collection of artifacts and sites from the ancient Americas, and a database archive of rollout and still photographs of vases, plates, and bowls. Find hints and helps to search the database.
Intense Droughts Blamed for Mayan Collapse
From New Scientist, Mayan civilization collapsed following a series of intense droughts, suggests the most detailed climatic study to date. (March 13, 2003)
Muddy Mayan Mystery Made Clearer By Researchers Working In The Bajos
From ScienceDaily, University of Cincinnati professors found evidence of a major environmental transformation that helps to explain a puzzle that has stumped Maya scholars for decades. (July 24, 2002)
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