Physical evidence of Norse culture of the period c.800 to 1200 A.D, both within Scandinavia and in lands that were raided and colonised by Norse peoples.

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Birka and Hovgården
UNESCO describes this archaeological complex which illustrates the elaborate trading networks of Viking Age Europe.
Explore a Viking Village
NOVA Online's video tour of a life-like scale model of Birka, a medieval Viking village that archaeologists excavated near modern-day Stockholm.
Genetic Survey of Wirral and West Lancashire
Professor Steve Harding of Nottingham University heads a team looking for evidence for Viking descendants in this part of Britain.
Hammer in the North: Mjollnir in Medieval Scandinavia
An article with bibliography by Daniel Bray at Sydney University on the proliferation of small metal amulets representing Mjollnir, the magical hammer of the god Thor, in the archaeological record of tenth century Scandinavia.
Jorvik Viking Centre
Built on the site where the York Archaeological Trust found the amazingly well-preserved remains of part of Viking Jorvik (York). A massive range of evidence was recovered and has been used to recreate every last aspect of everyday life.
Lost Civilizations - Vikings
Article provides an introduction to these warriors, also called Norsemen, as well as information about the Isle of Man, and Leif Eriksson.
The Nibelungs Saga - Its True Core by the Svava
Site by Rolf Badenhausen arguing that the Old Nordic Theoderic Codices provide evidence of the historical Nibelungs.
Ribe Viking Museum
The museum is located where the first town in Denmark was founded. Includes reconstructions of the market place in 720 and the manor farm in 980.
The Rise and Fall of the Vikings and the Little Ice Age
Illustrated, scholarly study by Scott Mandia on the impact of long-term climate changes on the Viking civilization in Greenland and Iceland.
Viking Bronze
Anders Söderberg explores ancient metalcraft and research from mainly an experimental approach. Articles, images, bibliography and links.
Viking Trail
The official website for the Viking Trail region of Newfoundland and Labrador, with visitor information for the 1,000 year-old Norse settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows.
BBC Online presents aspects of the history of the Vikings in the British Isles. Includes dig reports, 3D model of a Viking Age farm at Ribblehead, Yorkshire, and fun approaches for kids.
Vinland Archeology
This part of an exhibit from the Smithsonian about the Vikings in the New World covers the discoveries at L'Anse aux Meadows. Includes videos of reconstructions.
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