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Buck Teeth Clue to Mystery of a Royal Mummy's Boy
From Guardian, mummy with buck teeth and a right royal hairstyle may have settled one of the enduring mysteries of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.
Egyptian Mummies
An illustrated description of mummies in Ancient Egypt, the mummification process, and unwrap and examine the virtual mummy.
Egyptian Mummies
Information about mummies for readers, writers, and learners of all ages.
Howstuffworks: How Mummies Work
Photographs show how and why mummies were preserved, and how X-ray radiography and CAT scanning technology were used to examine the mummy without having to remove its bandages.
Ramesses I: The Search for the Lost Pharaoh
Presentation regarding the Egyptian mummy believed to be that of Ramesses I. With biography of the pharaoh, history of the mummy, the physical evidence supporting its identification, and its repatriation to Egypt in October, 2003.
The Royal Theban Mummy Project
William Max Miller aims to present archeological data about New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period royal mummies from the Theban cache tombs in an accessible way.
This Mummy Has Four Feet, Few Bones and a New Home
From ScienceDaily, archaeologists at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture had no idea what they would learn when they sent Nellie, the museum's Egyptian mummy, to the University of Washington Medical Center to undergo a CT scan three years ago as the first step in a conservation process.
NBC News: Scans Resolve Mystery over King Tut’s Death
Associated Press report on results of the CT scan performed on the mummy of King Tutankhamun in January 2005. Contains comments by Zahi Hawass, photo of the mummy in its tomb, and CT scan of Tutankhamun's head. (March 08, 2005) Menagerie of Mummies Unwraps Ancient Egypt
Report that London scientists are gaining insights into the ancient Egyptians as breeders, preparers, and curators of animals as offerings to the gods, and that mummification may have played a role in the domestication of the cat. Written by Will Knight. (February 08, 2005)
U.S. Museum to Return Ramses I Mummy to Egypt
From National Geographic News, summary account of the identification and planned return of the mummy believed to be Ramses I to its native Egypt. (April 30, 2003)
Oasis of the Dead
Roman-era tombs southwest of Cairo yield scores of gilded mummies. (October 01, 1999)

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