Organized body of people aimed at the advancement, exchange of information, or group activities in the field of archaeology.

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Alexandria Archaeology Museum
Alexandria, Virginia community archaeology program: Active excavation and research program. Holds a collection from more than 150 sites, spanning 10,000 years. Online exhibitions, collections, staff, and news.
The American Cultural Resources Association
A trade association for cultural resources consulting firms, promoting the business of archaeology, history, historic preservation, architectural history.
American Philosophical Society
Founded in 1743 by Benjamin Franklin, among others; promotes useful knowledge in the sciences and humanities through excellence in scholarly research, professional meetings, publications, library resources, and community outreach.
American Rock Art Research Association
A non-profit organization dedicated to the support of rock art research, conservation, and education. Membership, directors, ethics, publications, awards, annual conference.
American Society for Amateur Archaeology
ASAA intends to carry out fieldwork within every state and every province of Canada. Includes information on the society, expeditions, fieldwork and the journal, The Amateur Archaeologist.
Ancient Anasazi Artifacts Discovered in Southwest California
Provides information, photographs and summary descriptions of ancient Anasazi artifacts from the state. [RSS]
Archaeological Society of Southern Florida
Promotes knowledge and appreciation of native archaeological and historical sites in the South Florida area.
Archaeological Society of Virginia
Organization of amateurs and professionals working for the proper conservation and exploration of archeological sites and materials in Virginia.
Archaeology Southwest
Tucson, Arizona: promotes preservation of the archaeological and historical resources of the American Southwest through public outreach programs.
Archeological Society of Maryland
Statewide organization of lay and professional archeologists devoted to the study and conservation of Maryland archeology.
Arizona Archaeological Society
An independent, non-profit, state-wide volunteer organization aiming to foster interest and research in the archaeology of Arizona. Mission, activities, chapters, radio show and annual journal.
Arizona State Parks: Site Steward Program
The Arizona State Historic Preservation Office explains how volunteers can help protect archeological sites in Arizona.
Arkansas Archeological Society
An organization of people who investigate Arkansas' past through excavations, lectures and meetings.
Arkansas Archeological Survey
A state archeological agency dedicated to education, preservation and research. The role of the Arkansas State Archeologist, education program, publications.
The Biblical Archaeology Society of New York (BASNY)
A non-sectarian educational group that presents about ten lectures a year on aspects of ancient Near Eastern archaeology, history and literature.
Center for American Archaeology
At Kampsville, Illinois specializes in Midwest archaeology. News, courses, visitor information, museum in the classroom project, museum store.
Colorado Archaeological Society
A group coordinating activities in this state, with several local chapters. Information on chapters, activities and archaeology in Colorado.
Council for West Virginia Archaeology
Aims to be a resource for understanding the past peoples of the state. Officers, directors, bylaws and membership. Links to related societies and educator resources.
Council of Virginia Archaeologists
An organization dedicated to the preservation and study of Virginia's archaeological resources. Joining, activities, publications, links to member's sites.
El Paso Archaeological Society
A nonprofit group of avocational and professional archaeologists with a program of lectures and field trips, and which supports the Wilderness Park Museum. Activities, officers, publications.
Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research
Works with state agencies and local communities to manage, preserve, and interpret the state's archaeological sites for citizens and visitors. Offers education and research, projects and programs.
Friends of America's Past
Nonprofit organization aiming to promote and advance the rights of scientists and the public to learn about America's prehistory. Information about the Kennewick Man controversy, forum.
History Colorado
Assisting individuals, communities, and organizations to preserve and promote the state's cultural resources.
Indian Peaks Chapter, Colorado Archaeological Society
Based in Boulder, Colorado, organizes lectures, hosts tours, provides volunteer opportunities, and publishes a monthly newsletter.
Loveland Archaeology Society
Nonprofit organization in Colorado is dedicated to the study of Native American cultures in the Western United States. Provides membership details, a schedule of meetings, photos, a directory of officers, and details of the annual Stone Age Fair.
Massachusetts Archaeological Society
Non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and studying the state's archaeological heritage. Aims, achievements, news, chapters and museum.
Michigan Archaeological Society
Information on archaeology in the state as well as links to fieldwork opportunities.
Missouri Archaeological Society
A nonprofit organization dedicated to promote the study, investigation, and interpretation of prehistoric and historic remains in Missouri and cooperation among professional and amateur archaeologists.
Mud and Muck Society
An amateur archaeology club in southern New England made up of surface hunters looking for Native American artifacts. Photos for recent discoveries.
National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers (NCSHPO)
Professional association of the State government officials who carry out the national historic preservation program as delegates of the Secretary of the Interior pursuant to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. Includes news, preservation issues, and meeting information.
National Park Service, National Capital Region Archeology
The NPS explains its regional archeology program. Exhibits, description of archeological procedures and the relevant responsibilities of the NPS.
Nevada Archaeological Association
Non-profit state wide organization whose aim is to coordinate the work of professionals and amateurs in archaeology, anthropology, historical archaeology, geoarchaeology and related fields.
New Hampshire Archaeological Society
Presents an award for outstanding contributions to research. List of recipients, application to join, officers, events, articles from the Bulletin of the New Hampshire Archeologist.
New Jersey Historic Preservation Office
Official website with information and technical assistance for the identification, protection, and preservation of architectural and archaeological resources.
New Mexico Archaeological Council
A nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering research, interpretation, and protection of archaeological resources in New Mexico. Provides contact details for the group.
Oregon Archaeological Society
Organizes forums for members to learn and discover Oregon's history by site tours, camp-outs, and supervised digs in the desert.
P.A.S.T. Foundation
US non-profit organization that links k-12 kids with local archaeologists to bring archaeology into schools and communities. Promotes new field projects. Projects, program.
Pacific Coast Archaeological Society
Dedicated to the study, protection, and preservation of the cultural resources of the southern Pacific coast region, including the Baja Peninsula, with a special focus on Orange County, California. Journal, newsletter, and membership information.
Pre Columbian Society of Washington DC
Promote interest in Pre-Columbian cultures through monthly meetings, publication of a monthly newsletter, yearly symposia, Special Interest Groups and organized tours.
The Rock Art Foundation
The foundation exists to promote the conservation and study of the Native American rock art in the Lower Pecos region of Southwest Texas. Includes: information, images, tours, membership, news, merchandise, and links.
Santa Fe National Forest: Site Steward Program
A volunteer program which intends to protect the cultural heritage resources of the Santa Fe National Forest. These resources include everything from archaic sites, Native American sites, Spanish sites, and historical sites.
Society for California Archaeology
A nonprofit organization dedicated to research, understanding, interpretation and conservation of California's heritage. Members, newsletter, committees, events, research.
Society for Commercial Archeology (SCA)
Devoted to the study and preservation of American roadside architecture.
Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology Discussion Group
A Yahoo group. Anyone with a sincere interest is welcome to join and participate, SPA membership is not required.
South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology
A university research institute, SCIAA initiates and conducts a broad range of field research and collections research throughout the state.
Southwest Archaeology Team
Their mission is to provide opportunities for the public to investigate and experience first-hand the prehistoric and historic past of the Southwest. Programs include archaeological excavation, stabilization, survey, and artifact analysis
University of Pennsylvania Pre-Columbian Society
Group of amateurs and professionals engaged in the study of the indigenous peoples of the New World, their cultures and their descendants.
Utah Professional Archaeological Council
Dedicated to maintaining and promoting the goals of professional archaeology in the state of Utah.
Utah Statewide Archaeological Society
Nonprofit organization coordinating archeological activities within the state, including chapter locations offering lectures, education and volunteer opportunities.
The Vermont Archaeological Society
Non-profit organization of professionals and non-professionals committed to archaeology. Publications, newsletter, activities, officers, directors.
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