This category is for profiles, resumes, or curriculum vitae of archaeologists who specialize in zooarchaeology.

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Adams, William R.
Brief profile of this Indiana University Lecturer and Director of the Zooarchaeology Laboratory.
Burke, Ariane M.
Curriculum vitae of this University of Manitoba Associate Professor . research interests include the analysis of faunal remains from Middle Palaeolithic sites in Crimea (Ukraine).
Butler, Virginia L.
Detailed profile of this Portland State University Associate Professor. Research interests include the role of fish in past human societies.
Driver, Jonathan C.
Profile of this Simon Fraser University Professor. Research specialties include zooarchaeology, cultural ecology, PaleoIndian adaptations, southwestern United States.
Emery, Kitty F.
Curriculum vita of this Curator of Environmental Archaeology with the Florida Museum of Natural History.
Leach, Foss
Brief profile of this Museum of New Zealand researcher. Research interests include the archaeology of fishing.
Matilda Holmes
Freelance archaeozoologist offering services of identifying, recording, and analyzing animal bones from archaeological sites in Britain, Europe, Russia and Africa. 
Millard, Andrew
Detailed profile of this University of Durham Lecturer. Research interests include bone chemistry and diagenesis, dating and soil chemistry.
Outram, Alan K.
Detailed profile of this University of Exeter Lecturer. Research interests include people's exploitation of food resources, notably in physically marginal environments.
Rees, Mark A.
Curriculum vita of this University of Louisiana Professor. Research interests include Native American and Euroamerican historical archaeology.
Rowley-Conwy, Peter
Profile of this University of Durham Reader in Environmental Archaeology. Research interests include the archaeology of the pig, the Baltic, and the Russian Far East.
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