This category is for archaeologists who primarily conduct research on the archaeology of North America.

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Arnold, Jeanne E.
Detailed profile of this University of California, Los Angeles, Professor. Research interests include craft specialization, exchange systems, California, Pacific Coast of North America.
Baker, William Ellmore (1877-1957)
William “Uncle Bill” Baker deserves recognition as one of the pioneer avocational archaeologists of the Plains, with work spanning thirty years (late 1920’s-1950’s) in the Oklahoma panhandle and surrounding region.
Carlson, Roy L.
Brief profile of this Simon Fraser University Professor Emeritus. Research interests include Northwest Coast, the Southwest and PaleoIndian cultures.
Chilton, Elizabeth
Profile of this Harvard University Associate Professor. research interests include the origins of agriculture in New England, as well as the relationship between changing environment and subsistence choices.
Gallivan, Martin
Brief profile of this College of Willam and Mary Adjunct Assistant Professor. Research centers on the late precontact and early colonial archaeology of Native American societies in the Middle Atlantic region.
Kelley, John Charles (1913-1997)
Obituary from the Society for American Archeology newsletter. Kelley was not only the foremost authority on northwest Mexico, he had command of Mesoamerican and southwestern archaeological and ethnohistoric literature as well.
Murphy, James L.
Curriculum vitae of this Ohio State University archaeology and library science specialist.
O'Brien, Michael J.
Brief profile of this University of Missouri Professor. Research includes the archaeology of hunter-collectors, 19th-century American frontier settlement, origins of domestication, and ceramic technology.
Schiffer, Michael Brian
Detailed biography of this University of Arizona Professor. Research interests include behavioral archaeology, archaeological method and theory, experimental archaeology, technology and society, and ceramic technology.
Silliman, Stephen
Detailed profile of this UMass Boston professor. Research interests include the archaeology of Native American responses to colonialism, collaborative indigenous archaeology, theories of identity and labor, New England and California.
Steward, Julian Haynes (1902-1972)
Photograph and biographical details of this archaeologist and a selected bibliography.
SWAnet Contact an Archaeologist
An self-listed e-mail directory of archaeologists working in the American southwest who welcome contacts.
Zubrow, Ezra B.
Profile of this University of Buffalo professor. Research interests include simulation methods, demography and marginal cultural areas in the US, Europe, and Philippines.
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