Alternative, non-mainstream approaches to the great Egyptian structures with a square base and sloping slides meeting at an apex.

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Are Pyramids Made Out of Concrete?
Research by Joseph Davidovits suggests that pyramids and temples were constructed using agglomerated limestone, rather than quarries, and hoisted blocks of natural limestone.
The Enterprise Mission - Great Pyramid Tunneling
Is a secret tunnel being excavated in the Great Pyramid? Part of Richard Hoagland's large site that also investigates Cydonia and the Miami Circle
Giza Pyramids - The Vanishing Point
Article written by Stephen Goodfellow. Includes calculations, dimensions, coordinates, letters, and images.
Giza: The (Half) Truth
Debates between authors John Anthony West, Robert Schoch and Robert Bauval (for the "Lost Civilisation" theory), and Chris Ogilvie-Herald and Ian Lawton, the authors of "Giza: The Truth".
The Great Pyramid
Tries to explain the scientific, philosophical, and divine revelations of the Great Pyramid, as a biblical, chronological device.
The Great Pyramid and the Earth
Pyramidology blog. [Atom]
Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association
A popular approach to the topic, with amateur articles submitted by users and a picture tour. Embraces both mainstream news stories and amateur theories.
The Horizon of Khufu
Article explaining that the Giza pyramids are geometric religious art.
The Orion Mystery
Explores the ideas in the book by Robert Bauval, which argues that Giza pyramids were a faithful mimicry of the stars forming the 'belt' in the constellation of Orion.
Pharaoh's Pump Foundation
Suggests that the Great Pyramid at Giza was built around a colossal water pump. - Giza Throne Theory
Presents two studies by Bill McNulty and an open letter to Dr. Mark Lehner. [PDF files]
The Secret Power Of The Pyramids
Describes the 'secret power' inside the pyramid. Make your own pyramid to test it.
Was the Great Pyramid Built in the Center of all Land-Areas?
Holger Isenberg presents a simple trigonometric algorithm on this 19th-century idea.
When was the Giza Complex Constructed?
Lengthy article on this topic considering a wide range of evidence.
World Mysteries: The Great Pyramid
Article proposing a construction date thousands of years before the accepted 3rd dynasty.
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