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Ancient Ark of the Covenant
According to Jewish tradition, the ancient ark of the covenant is buried under the temple mount. Brief article by Zev Kassman.
Ancient Days
Information on the research being done by archaeologist Dr. David Livingston. Information on archaeology, creation verses evolution, early man, ancient texts, the flood, Exodus and the conquest.
Ark of the Covenant in Utah?
Bible code hints that Lehi brought the Ark of the Covenant with him. Alphabetics code hints that it now hidden in Sanpete Valley.
Bible Discoveries
Articles on biblical antiquities and ancient writings by T.V. Oommen.
Biblical Archaeology, Search and Exploration Institute
Dedicated to the quest for archaeological evidence to help validate the Bible. Programs, newsletter. Discussion of Mt. Sinai, Noah's Ark, Ark of the Covenant.
Lost Tribes Of Israel
Independent, or alternative views and interpretations of who, what and where these tribes may be.
Lost Tribes of Israel
Companion site to the Nova documentary on PBS covering anthropological research, past theories, and other resources.
The Lost Tribes of Israel
Theorizes that the indigenous peoples of the Americas are descendants of the so-called Lost Tribes of Israel.
Mount Sinai Has Been Found
Archaeological evidence at Har Karkom tell the story of a sacred mountain in the desert of Exodus, which reflect with surprising precision the events and conditions described to us in the Old Testament.
Mysteries of the Bible
Torah Codes, Lost Tribes, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Biblical Legends.
We Are Not Alone
Links exploring the possibility that life originated on Mars; mysterious locales on earth; religious aspects on both topics.
Wyatt Archaeological Research
Site dedicated to Ron Wyatt's archaeological work.
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