Ethnography describes the aspect of cultural anthropology concerned with the descriptive documentation of living cultures.

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Bradshaw Foundation: The Unambal
Excerpts from Andreas Lommel's 1938 account of the Unambal people of northwestern Australia, including pictures of Wandjina rock paintings.
CSAC's Ethnographics Gallery
A directory of reports and cultural summaries from the University of Kent.
Ethnographic Research
A description of the Ethnographic Method that includes a discussion of key concepts and a glossary of terms.
Ethnographic Studies Internet Resource Page
A collection of ethnographic resources provided by the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.
Last Refuge: Waorani
A photo gallery of the Waorani, a horticultural society Amazonian tribe found in Ecuador. Features short articles and references.
List of Ethnic Units
A directory of links to thumbnail sketch ethnographies of West African cultures.
Native Planet NGO
A resource for studying indigenous cultures, Eco-tourism, documentaries, and travel information. Contains volunteer information, aid projects, photos, and stories.
Culture and music of a people in the rain forests of Cameroon. Includes the fieldwork and the initiation in the forest of a young Italian ethnomusicologist.
Qurna History Project
Features information on the culture and heritage of the village on the west bank at Luxor, Egypt.
Social Context and the Limits on Symbolic Meanings
A ethnographic report that discusses the symbolism of the Sixth Festival of Pacific Arts held in Rarotonga, The Cook Islands, during October 1992.
The Songs of the Ancestors - A Comparative Study of Bashiic Folklore
Full-text version of the book by Deszo Benedek of the culture of the Yami, a people of Malayo-Polynesian stock living in Taiwan.

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