Cultural anthropologists study the traditions, religion, shared beliefs, values, and institutions of cultures and societies from a holistic perspective.

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Anderson, Kermyt G.
Lecturer at the University of Oklahoma with research interests in anthropological demography, behavioral ecology, parental care, fertility, education and schooling outcomes and evolutionary theory.
Banks, David J.
Professor at the University of Buffalo researching kinship, culture, historical methods, and contemporary social change in Southeast Asia.
Bateson, Gregory
Features a biography, a bibliography, a forum, and articles focusing on Bateson's epistemological work.
Bernard, H. Russell
Cultural anthropologist at the University of Florida. Includes curriculum vitae, class materials, and a list of his academic papers available online.
Boyd, Robert
Professor of anthropology at UCLA whose research interests focuses on mathematical models of human behavior.
Colson, Elizabeth
Biographical overview of the University of California, Berkeley Emeritus Professor that details her contributions to the field of Cultural Anthropology.
Cushing, Frank Hamilton
Biographical sketch of the 19th Century ethnologist who lived among the Zuni.
David L. Crawford
Features links to courses in cultural anthropology and Islamic societies and cultures. Also offers publications on Berber society, Morocco, labor relations, migration and the Amazigh identity movement. Fairfield University.
Dentan, Robert K.
Anthropology professor at the University of Buffalo who studies social organization, ecology and ritual in Southeast Asia and Africa.
Eggertsson, Sveinn
Research areas include knowledge, perception, phenomenology, medical anthropology, Melanesia, and Papua New Guinea. University of Iceland.
Feinberg, Richard
Professor at Kent State University who researches kinship and social organization, political development, indigenous seafaring techniques in Oceania and Native North America. Features recent publications and a photo gallery.
Fiske, Alan Page
Associate Professor of Anthropology at UCLA whose research and teaching explores the ways in which culture, psychology, and natural selection operate together to shape human sociality.
Frake, Charles O.
Professor at the University of Buffalo who researches cultural ecology and cognitive anthropology in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and Europe.
Hoffer, Cor
Sociologist and anthropologist conducting research at the University in Leiden (The Netherlands). His research interests include studying Muslim religion and health care.
Jackson, Jason Baird
Assistant Professor of Folklore, Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University and researcher at the American Indian Research Institute.
Judd, Ellen R.
Professor of social anthropology at the University of Manitoba whose research interests includes gender and kinship in China.
Kroeber, Alfred L.
A biography of Kroeber's life and catalog of his contributions to the field of anthropology.
Loker, William
Web site of the CSU Chico professor that discusses his research in applied anthropology in Honduras.
Otterbein, Keith F.
Research specialist at the University of Buffalo who studies warfare, social structure and cultural ecology of peoples of the Caribbean and West Africa.
Packwood, Nicholas
Research interests include mapping inter-organizational relationships through the flow of material assemblages. York University, Toronto, Canada.
Pradip Kumar Singh
Features contact details, academic achievements and summary of research for this Indian anthropologist.
Riner, Reed D.
Professor at Northern Arizona University who studied applied anthropology as it relates to the enculturation Native American Indians.
Roufs, Tim
Research interests focus on Middle America, culture and personality, and the sociocultural change of prehistoric cultures. University of Minnesota, Duluth.
Rubenstein, Joe
Professor of Anthropology at Stockton College.
Small, Cathy
Anthropology professor at Northern Arizona University researching culture change, gender issues, applied, and development in Polynesia.
Smith, Court
Researches domestic society, contemporary issues, and future-oriented. Interests focused on how human well-being changes as a result of resource use and economic development. Oregon State University.
Sosis, Richard
Research interests in human behavioral ecology, the evolution of cooperation, foraging theory, costly signaling, and the evolution of religion and morality. University of Connecticut.›
Thorn, David L.
Offers articles, photos, crafts, artwork, and professional qualifications.
White, Douglas R.
University of California Irvine researcher interested in the dynamics and organizational theory of social networks and in complex adaptive systems.
Wiedman, Dennis
Anthropologist and director of the Program Review Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness at the Florida International University.
Wilk, Richard
Cultural anthropologist and professor at Indiana University. Biographical information and various projects, including software reviews and the Global Consumer Culture Project.
Wissler, Clark
A biographical sketch of the anthropologist associated with the Culture Area concept.
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