This category brings together the discussion of evolution from both a scientific and religious viewpoint. At the top-level of this category are sites that take an overview of the discussion, without taking a position. Sites which take a position are classified in the subcategories, with others taking similar positions.

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An Agnostic's Brief Guide to the Universe
Provides a discussion forum in relation to religion, atheism, creation and the origin of mankind. Are we here by accident or design? The agnostic will remain open to all possibilities.
Brief History of the Conflict between Creationists and Evolutionists
Includes some pivotal events in the last two centuries that changed what most scientists believed about origins, and what was taught in public schools.
Creation vs. Evolution
A collection of answers and links about the debate between evolution and creation.
Epic of Evolution
Brief overview of the narrative story that underpins scientific thinking today and religious naturalism.
Evolution and Unintelligent Design
Vexen Crabtree takes a look at evolution highlighting the wasteful, dysfunctional and problematic features resulting from its unplanned course.
Evolution in Form & Consciousness
Drawing from many sources R.S. Whiteside explores the evolution of human consciousness, focusing on the process of human incarnation.
God Cre8d Ministries
Personal site that re-introduces the teaching of Creation and biblical history and overturns the teaching of evolution and secular humanism. It re-evaluates the science of evolution, the dating of the dinosaurs and the existence of Noah's Ark.
Kansas Science Standards Controversy
A review of the controversy from the standpoint of a Christian geologist, who points out why the situation does not require such polarized positions.
National Academy of Sciences: Science and Creationism
Gives arguments in favor of biological and human evolution.
Quintessence of Dust
Blog on evolution, development, neuroscience and other scientific issues of interest to Christians. on Evolution and Creationism
Overview and history of the Evolution/Creation debate.
Waving Not Drowning
A collection of short essays, several of which cover the relationship between science and religion, particularly the evolution vs. creationism debate.
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