This category is for sites discussing the relationship between science and Christianity. The topic of evolution/creation may be found in Science/Science_in_Society/Science_and_Religion/Evolution/.

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American Scientific Affiliation (ASA)
Investigating issues relating Christian faith and science. Includes on-line back issues of the journal, and news about the organization.
Articles on the Bible and Science
A collection of articles on creation, theistic evolution, the Flood, intelligent design, and other areas of Biblical and scientific study.
Christians in Science
UK based organization for Christian scientists and students. Includes articles, conference details, newsletter, and membership details.
Faith and Reason Ministries
Aims to reconcile Christianity with accepted science. Includes complete text of John Callahan's book "Science and Christianity", and short articles on a selection of other topics.
Foolish Faith
Complete text of Judah Etinger's book "Foolish Faith", tackling the relationship between science and Christianity.
God and Science
Commentary on Darwin, Marx, Freud, Tillich, Chardin, creationism, evolution, quantum mechanics from Charles Henderson's book. Most of the chapters are available online.
How Did the Universe Get Here?
A short science article describing how the universe was formed and relating this to biblical statements.
Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies
Large collection of articles on topics ranging from science and Christianity through to archaeology and biblical sources.
John Ray Initiative
Educational charity bringing together scientific and Christian understandings of the environment. Includes articles, reports from conferences, and a newsletter.
Reasons to Believe
Interdenominational apologetic ministry aiming to show that science and the Bible complement one another, led by Hugh Ross, Fazale Rana, and Kenneth Richard Samples. Articles, webcasts, and forthcoming events.
Science and Faith
Collection of links to pages about scientists and their faith, quotations from the Bible, essays, and bibliographies.
A Scientist Gives Evidence Pointing to God
Video in which Dr. Francis Collins, director of the Human Genome Project, provides his point of view.
The Technotheology Project
Bill Laudeman's attempt to relate physics, cosmology, and chaos theory with orthodox Roman Catholic theology.
Truth for Saints
Provides a resource for researching world religions, science and matters of faith.
Vatican Observatory
Ancient astronomical research institution with dependent research center based in Tucson, Arizona. Includes history, profiles of personnel, details of telescopes, and a streaming video on the relation of science and religion.
The Warfare of Science With Theology
Full text of a book published in 1896 by Andrew Dickson White (1832-1918), hosted by Library section of the Secular Web.
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Author aims to build a holistic paradigm based on science and scripture.
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