Software for physics students and teachers, and for people who want to learn physics.

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Animations for Physics
Free interactive animations in Flash, for students in the 11th - 12th; harmonic oscillator, single pendulum, Carnot cycle, prism.
Circuit Shop
[Win] A simulation program for the study of analog and digital electronics.
Easy Java Simulations
An authoring tool written in Java that helps non-programmers create simulations, mainly for pedagogic reasons.
EasySim Digital Electronic Simulator
[Win] Software for learning the behaviour of digital electronic circuits. Order from the web.
Fable Multimedia Physics Software
[Win - Mac] Educational software resources for High School(AP) and College Physics.
High School Physics Software
We created seven physics software modules to learn kinematics, dynamics, optics, and to help prepare students for the Physics AP B exam. The modules include more than 2,000 problems.
Interactive Physics
Interactive Physics is the standard in Physics motion software used at more than 12000 schools world wide.
Kinetic Books
Introductory digital physics textbook, 16 Java-based physics virtual labs, and hundreds of simulations and interactive problems on-line for free trial.
OnScreen Science
[Win-Mac] OnScreen Particle Physics allows students to experience what real particle physics experiments are like.
Ottisoft Software
[Win] Offers'Orbit Xplorer' for exploring orbits of satellites and 'Interference' for exploring interference effects.
Physics Academic Software
Several programs for DOS or Windows teaching physics on academic level.
PhysicsLab Computer Simulations
25 free computer simulations of experiments for AS and A2 physics; for teachers to demonstrate difficult experiments and concepts; for students to use for revision and private study.
[Win] Multiple choice tests covering all physics subject areas taught in a first or second-year physics course. Good preparation before real tests and exams for high school and college students.
[Win-Dos] A Newtonian physics simulator
Interactive software including MathProf and PhysProf. They use two dimensional graphics and animations to display mathematical and physical correlations. Distributed as shareware.
Science Teacher Help
Software to create graphs and diagrams, an add-on for Microsoft Word.
Virtual Physics
[Win] Collection of programs teaching physics. Virtual experiments. Simulations of various physical phenomena covering diffraction, dynamics, electrostatics, gravity, Kepler laws, kinematics, Kirchhoff, optics, oscillations, projectiles, thermodynamics, vectors and waves.
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