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Contains material about gravitational waves, which are wave-like disturbances of spacetime that propagate at the speed of light, predicted by general relativity.

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Gravitational Radiation from Post-Newtonian Sources and Inspiralling Compact Binaries
Review article by Luc Blanchet, published in Living Reviews in Relativity; describes (at the graduate or advanced undergraduate level) the generation of gravitational waves by isolated systems such as orbiting neutron stars or black holes.
Gravitational Radiation: A New Window onto the Universe
Review article by Kip Thorne (Caltech) about the basic concepts of gravitational wave physics and the prospects of gravitational wave astronomy.
Gravitational Wave Group
Members, research, thesis, proceedings, LCGT Project, information, and links. At the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo.
Gravitational Waves
Collection of articles about various aspects of gravitational wave physics, from an overview of current and planned detectors to an illustration of the three-dimensional structure of simple gravitational waves. Part of the "Spotlights on Relativity" series on Einstein Online; written for a general audience.
Gravitational Waves: An Introduction
This paper presents an elementary introduction to the theory of gravitational waves. This article is meant for students who have had an exposure to general relativity, but results from general relativity have been derived in the appendices.
Harry Collins's Gravitational Wave Project
Website about a long-running project on sociological aspects of the search for gravitational waves (Cardiff University). Includes some preprints and articles, as well as summaries of the different parts of the project.
Mission Design for LISA Pathfinder
Article by M. Landgraf, M. Hechler and S. Kemble about the design of the LISA Pathfinder mission, which is meant to test the technology needed for the planned space-based gravitational wave detector LISA.
Spacetime Wrinkles
Online exhibition by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications about gravitational waves and the role played by computer simulations in exploring this phenomenon. Also contains basic information about general relativity and black holes.
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