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Lecture Notes on General Relativity
Lecture notes for a one-semester course in General Relativity. By Sean Carroll Ph.D
FX2/H97: General Relativity
Lecture notes for the course on general relativity held in 1997 at the Physics Institute of NTNU, Trondheim by Petr Hadrava (the lecture notes themselves are Postscript files).
General Relativity Tutorial
Highly recommendable collection of interconnected web pages that serve as an informal introduction to general relativity. While some mathematics is used, the focus is on the key ideas. By John Baez Ph.D (University of California at Riverside).
Gravitation and Cosmology
Lecture notes from a graduate course on Gravitation and Cosmology, taught by M. Cederwall Ph.D. at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden in 2008.
Physics 237-2002: Gravitational Waves
Collection of materials from a graduate-student-level course on Gravitational Waves taught at the California Institute of Technology, January through May of 2002; includes Quicktime videos of the lectures, lists of suggested and supplementary reading, copies of some of the readings, and many exercises with solutions. Designed by professors Kip S. Thorne, Mihai Bondarescu and Yanbei Chen
Physics 252: Modern Physics
A second year course including twelve lectures on special relativity taught by Michael Fowler Ph.D, beams professor at the University of Virginia in 1999. Includes lecture notes in HTML format (from Galilei transformations to relativistic mechanics, including some thoughts on general relativity) and problem sets. introducing special relativity and quantum mechanics. All of the lecture notes are posted online.
Reflections on Relativity
Comprehensive online book about special and general relativity, from the fundamentals to cosmological applications, including a number of philosophical questions raised by Einstein's theory. Suitable for undergraduates and up. By Kevin Brown Ph.D.
An online text book tutorial on Albert Einstein's theories of general relativity and special relativity. By David Waite M.S.
Relativity Tutorial
Tutorial by Ned Wright Ph.D. (UCLA) featuring a step-by-step introduction to special relativity (focusing on spacetime diagrams) and the basic ideas of general relativity.
Tensor Calculus and Continuum Mechanics
A free downloadable textbook on introductory tensor analysis and continuum mechanics, in PDF format, from Professor Emeritus John J. Heinbockel of Old Dominion University.
Theory of Relativity Class
Learn about Einstein's Theory of Relativity online. The class covers cosmology, the Twin Paradox, space travel, and black holes. Instructor Gabriel G. Lombardi Ph.D
Understanding General Relativity
Step-by-step introduction to general relativity, from the basic principles via a heuristic account of the mathematics of curved spaces to the Einstein field equations, plus brief sections on advanced topics such as black holes and cosmology. By Rafi Moor.
Student Understanding of Time in Special Relativity
A report on the ineffectiveness of standard university instruction in Einstein's concept of time, by Rachel E. Scherr, Peter S. Shaffer, and Stamatis Vokos. Published in Physics Education Research (American Journal of Physics Supplement). (July 26, 2002)
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