This sections contains websites with simulations of black holes. Two main classes of websites are included here: The first are research websites dealing with numerical relativity. This includes all attempts to simulate properties of black holes that cannot otherwise elucidated, such as the spacetime geometry around merging black holes or an object collapsing to form a black hole, or the gravitational waves emitted in such situations. The second class encompasses visualization websites, which are more about pedagogy than about black hole research. They feature images and animations to let you see how a black hole looks from the outside, how one can picture the geometry around a black hole, and how the black hole deflects all light in its vicinity.

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Falling into a Black Hole
Shows what it would be like to approach, orbit, and finally fall into a black hole; created by Andrew Hamilton (University of Colorado at Boulder).
Orbits in Strongly Curved Spacetime
A JAVA applet which simulates the orbit of a low mass test particle orbiting a non-rotating black hole. Created by John Walker.
Step by Step into a Black Hole
Simulated images of a gradual descent into a black hole, provided by Ute Kraus (Theoretical Astrophysics group at Tübingen University).
Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars
Descriptions and MPEG movies based on general relativistic simulations of black holes: What will an observer see close to a black hole, or in the neighborhood of a neutron star? Simulations and pages created by Robert Nemiroff (Michigan Technological University).
Numerical Relativity: Towards Simulations of 3D Black Hole Coalescence
Review article by Ed Seidel (then at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics) which discusses recent developments in numerical relativity. The main focus is the progress made in simulating the evolution of fully three-dimensional black holes. (June 23, 1998)
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