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Quantum Gravity
A site maintained by Cambridge University on advances in quantum theories of gravity.
Canonical Quantum Gravity
This is a summary of a talk delivered at the workshop, "Quantum gravity in the Southern Cone II".
Cause of gravity and an explanation of field dynamics
An intuitive contribution to the gravity debate.
Classical and Quantum Gravity
A journal for physicists, mathematicians and cosmologists working in the fields of gravitation and the theory of spacetime. Abstracts full text editorials, and freely available featured articles.
Cosmological applications of loop quantum gravity
After a brief introduction to classical and quantum gravity we discuss applications of loop quantum gravity in the cosmological realm. This includes the basic formalism and recent results of loop quantum cosmology.
Gravity as an Effective Field Theory
This is a pedagogical introduction to the treatment of general relativity as a quantum effective field theory.
How far are we from the quantum theory of gravity?
An assessment is offered of the progress that the major approaches to quantum gravity have made towards the goal of constructing a complete and satisfactory theory. The emphasis is on loop quantum gravity and string theory, although other approaches are discussed.
How gravity works at microscopic scales
Discusses in simple terms the problem of constructing a quantum theory of gravity.
Knots and Quantum Gravity
The book "Knots and Quantum Gravity" is the proceedings of a conference held at U.C. Riverside on May 14-16th, 1993. It is now available for free in Postscript format.
Loop quantum gravity induced modifications to particle dynamics
The construction of effective Hamiltonians arising from Loop Quantum Gravity and incorporating Planck scale corrections to the dynamics of photons and spin 1/2 particles is summarized.
Matters of Gravity
An online journal with articles on advances in the theories of gravity.
Neutrons reveal quantum effects of gravity
Article at PhysicsWorld describing the first observation of quantized states of matter under the influence of gravity.
A new road to the Quantum Gravity
This Web site explores the possibility that our universe is not an isolated system. From this hypothesis a quantum origin of the gravitation is obtained.
An Ode to Effective Lagrangian
A brief introduction is given to the methods of effective lagrangians. The emphasis is on a summary of the overall picture, using a simple model of quantum gravity.
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
International focal point of cutting-edge research in foundational theoretical physics.
Quantum Gravity
A brief explanation of the search for a quantum theory of gravity, including links to sites on topological field theories.
Quantum Gravity
Quantum Gravity: A road map towards the Grand Unified Theory.
Quantum Gravity and M-Theory
A review of modern approaches to quantum gravity.
Sir Isaac Newton: The Universal Law of Gravitation
Provides a simple introduction to the law for which Newton is best known.
Spin Foam Models
A review of the spin foam formulation of quantum gravity.
Strings, Loops and Others
This postscript file includes a review of the present theoretical attempts to understand the quantum properties of spacetime.
Summary Report of the D2 Workshop
A review of material presented at 1998 conference on quantum cosmology.
Throwing Einstein for a Loop
A summary of loop quantum gravity. Physicist Fotini Markopoulou Kalamara discusses the connection between relativity and quantum theory.
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