Companies or products found in this category target high schools and colleges, or collectively the 'educational' market. Typically a school has a 'lab equipment budget' of sorts, and the money is often spent on the products or companies listed here.

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ASCOL - Academic Sciences Company
Suppliers of a wide range of products to Schools, Colleges and Universities throughout the UK, specifically physics based laboratory equipment offering many unique items.
Cambridge Physics Outlet
Equipment and software for inquiry-based hands-on teaching of integrated math, science, and technology. Also, there are interactive science puzzlers and an online products catalog.
Design Simulation Technologies
Educational software to model, simulate and explore a wide variety of phenomena.
Design, manufacture and commercialization of technical teaching equipment.
Educational Innovations
Source for inexpensive and hard-to-find science workshop supplies and materials for the lab, classroom, school workshop, university and home experimenter.
Educational Scientific Supplies Co. (Essco)
Manufacturer of scientific instruments primarily for educational institutions.
Fisher Science Education
Thousands of science products geared toward the K-12 education market.
Flinn Scientific
Sells educational science supplies. Site has especially useful information on lab safety and lab design.
Frey Scientific
Scientific supplies and other materials for middle and high schools.
Gaussboys Super Magnets
Retail outlet for powerful Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets.
Gyroscopes Online
Specializes in selling toy and demonstration gyroscopes internationality. Includes links to a variety of websites about gyroscopes.
Henschke Geraetebau
Manufacturer of physics educational apparatus for schools, colleges, and universities, including optical benches, interferometer and other optical, mechanical, and thermodynamical items.
Indigo Instruments
Magnets, magnifiers, molecular models, software, tools, tuning forks, and scientific glassware.
Jeulin provides equipment, probeware, dataloggers, interfaces, sensors, and education software for science teaching.
Klingler Educational Products Corporation
Physics demonstration equipment and crystal models, including Blackboard Optics and Blackboard Physics.
Low temperature and Solar Stirling engines
Stirling engines that demonstrate the conversion of unconcentrated sunlight or low temperature heat into mechanical energy. These engines are suitable as demonstration models in schools and universities.
Merlan Scientific
Distributes and manufactures educational apparatus and software for science and technology labs.
Modern School Supplies
A nationwide (U.S.) supplier of products for schools and educational institutions specializing in science and technology education.
NADA Scientific
Educational products for physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, and earth science.
PASCO Scientific
Offers a variety of interfaces and sensors (probes) bundled with computer-based activities for chemistry, biology, physics and general science.
The Physics Supermarket
Experiments and Exercises for High School students in Physics and astronomy. Also teaching materials for the IB course.
A calculus-based, college level introductory physics course that is designed to include twentieth century physics throughout. Available on CD or in print.
Prolab Scientific
Distributor of educational products for science.
Distributor of thousands of grades K-14 scientific, educational items ranging from basic glassware to hands-on curriculum products.
Science First
A family-owned designer and manufacturer of hands-on science labs.
The Science Source
Offers science kits, toys, supplies, materials, classroom kits, and other science products. Much of the product line evolved out of curricula developed by the Physical Science Study Committee (PSSC) at MIT and Project Physics at Harvard University, and products are available through distributors or online.
Solar Energy Science Project
This project consists of a combination of excellent website tutorials and exercises that measure and compute power using an actual hardware kit.
Spectrum Techniques, Inc.
Supplier of nuclear science equipment for teaching modern physics, chemistry and biology from high school through graduate level.
Structures Teaching Equipment
A range of hardware and software for teaching a broad variety of structural engineering subjects.
Supersaturated Environments
Oversized diffusion cloud chambers reveal tracks from cosmic rays and natural radioactivity. Convenient options and experiments for classroom, lecture hall, museum, outreach, and industrial training settings.
TEL-Atomic Incorporated
Sells physics educational apparatus.
Vernier Software
Maker of science hardware and software for the classroom, especially CBL products, probes, and TI programmable calculator programs.
Ztek Multimedia for Physics Education
Ztek products contain a total of over 400 video and still image lessons, with accompanying teacher guides.
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