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Atomic and Plasma Physics Research Group
A research group at IAP/TU Wien, Austria.
Basic Plasma Science Facility (BPSF)
At UCLA, BPSF is a place to perform frontier-level experiments that require physical conditions not suitable for small devices. The facility provides an environment in which teams with complementary expertise (e.g., Laser Induced Fluorescence or High Power RF) can come together to attack problems that they would not pursue individually.
Dartmouth University Space Plasma Theory
Physics of the inner magnetosphere
Dusty Plasma Experiments
Wave experiments and corresponding MPEG movies taken directly from the video cameras. Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Iowa.
Fusion Advanced Research Group, Ltd
FARG is a fusion advanced research group at Moscow University, Russia. Outsourcing. Venture projects.
General Atomics Fusion Group
Fusion research group at General Atomics, San Diego, CA, US.
ITP: Plasma Physics Division
Website of the Plasma Physics Group of the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the Graz University of Technology, Austria.
The M.I.T. Space Plasma Group
Research plasma group at MIT, Cambridge, MA, US.
Nonneutral Plasma Group
Plasma research group at Physics Department of the University of California, San Diego.
Plasma and Beam Physics Group
Plasma and beam research group at the University of Colorado at Boulder, US.
Plasma Diagnostics Group
Plasma research group at UC Davis, USA.
Plasma Engineering Group. IMAST Laboratory
Plasma research group at the Sydney University, Australia.
Plasma Simulations Group at UCLA
Global magnetosphere simulations.
Space and Plasma Physics at Univ Maryland
SPP Group conducts research in many areas of space and plasma physics
Space Physics Research Group
Research group at the University of California at Berkeley, US.
Space Plasma Group, University of London
Simulations of space plasmas and experimental spacecraft data analysis.
Toroidal Plasma Experiments
Plasma formation and heating using radio-frequency waves, confinement and transport studies, magnetic structure studies, turbulent transport and fluctuations. Plasma Research Lab, Australian National University.
U. Iowa Space Plasma Wave Research
Site of the University of Iowa research group describes various undertaken space plasma wave projects including those involving Earth-orbiting and planetary spacecraft.
University of New Hampshire Experimental Space Plasma Group
Satellite and sounding rocket experiments
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