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The discovery of the weak neutral currents - CERN Courier
Dieter Haidt, from the Gargamelle collaboration, describes how the team's major triumph came about and was eventually accepted.
The evidence for massive neutrinos
From the Super-Kamiokande experiment.
The Gauge Unification of Fundamental Forces
Nobel lecture by Abdus Salam.
The Glashow-Iliopoulos-Maiani mechanism
An article from Scholarpedia explaining the GIM mechanism and how it led to the discovery of the charm qaurk.
Grand Unification of the Standard Model with Quantum Gravity
Grand unified theory of particle physics that predicted the mass of the Higgs boson, by Ashay Dharwadker.
Hadrons and Quarks, an Introduction to the theory of Mesons and Baryons
Protons, neutrons and the other hadrons consist of quarks.Agreement between theoretical and measured masses and magnetic moments of hadrons is presented.
Higgs Boson Observed
Publication by the ATLAS collaboration in the journal Science.
Higgs Mechanism
Brief history of the Higgs Mechanism from the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh.
Information on the Standard Model and a Possible Difficulty
Introduction to the Standard Model. The site also contains links to other topics such as neutrinos and electroweak-symmetry-breaking/mass-generation.
Measuring the electron's weak charge
The measurement of the Weinberg angle at SLAC.
My Life As A Boson
A lecture by Peter Higgs.
New Bohr Model Calculates Helium Ground State Energy Correctly
Study by Y. Tsubono describing the motion of the two electrons of the helium atom using the classical methods based on the Bohr model and theoretically calculating the ground state energy of helium.
Particle Adventure's Standard Model
A popularization of the physics of the standard model.
The Standard Model
Lectures at the graduate and post-graduate level providing an introduction to the basic aspects of the Standard Model. Available in postscript and PDF formats only.
The Standard Model
A short note on the standard model of particle physics from the CERN Large Hadron Collider, where the elusive Higgs Boson was finally detected.
Standard Model - Inquiring Minds
A discussion about the standard model from Fermilab, where the top quark was first found.
Standard Model of Particle Physics
A brief description of the standard model from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, where the up and down quarks were discovered for the first time.
The Theory of Electromagnetism
Collection of original papers and essays about James Clerk Maxwell.
Unitary symmetry and leptonic decays
The definition of the Cabibbo angle, by Nicola Cabibbo.
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