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The Classical Atom
Blog proposing a novel model of the elementary particles making the atom, based only on classical physics. It predicts the value of the elementary charge.
Discrete Electron Orbits about the Atomic Nucleus
A physical description and derivation for why electrons maintain discrete orbits around the atomic nucleus.
Discrete Spacetime
A discrete quantum spacetime model underlying the standard model of particle physics.
A Dual-Pole Model of the Photon
Dr. James H.L. Lawler's paper describing a new model for the photon which solves the wave-particle paradox by stating that the photon is a particle consisting of two oppositly charged poles in orbit around each other.
HEP Research
Patrick S. Walters provides links to files on high-energy physics topics as well as writing a personal blog.
The Higgs Boson
Provides a new and simple explanation of the mass and gravity enigma.
Large Hadron Collider and Black Holes
Could the CERN LHC produce black holes and cause a disaster? A Nostradamus prophecy may predict this will happen.
Mirror Matter
A mirror world is predicted to exist if nature is invariant under parity.
Negation of the Axiom of Choice
Adib Ben Jebara proposes that the negation of the mathematical axiom of choice can be applied to the Big Crunch, the Big Bang and quantum mechanics.
The Pattern of Reality
An attempt to identify the geometry of the universe by finding a mathematical structure with a pattern which corresponds to the pattern observed for the fundamental particles of the standard model.
Quarks in the Picture
A method to visualize quarks as symbols.
Quarks in the Picture
A method to visualize quarks as pictographs.
Ultrawave Theory
Provides a downloadable PDF file of a 151 page book. This contains a 2D string theory for particle construction which provides a logical explanation for everything.
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