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The Basics of MRI
An online book outlining all of the physics and technology involved in magnetic resonance imaging.
The Adelaide MRI website
This page is provided to collate web resources and disseminate information on issues of MRI Scanning.
Beckman Institute: Biomedical Imaging Center
The BIC houses a variety of research programs, providing facilities, equipment and training for research on nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.
Centre for MR Investigations at Hull
MRI Research and Physics Lectures. New MRI textbook by Dr Liney.
Emerging NMR Research Company
Comprehensive website resource provides leading NMR-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy research studies as it relates to coronary heart disease.
International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
The ISMRM is a nonprofit professional association devoted to furthering the development and application of magnetic resonance techniques in medicine and biology.
ISMRM: Magnetic Resonance Sites on the World Wide Web
This is a partial list of NMR and MRI resources on the World Wide Web.
Lectures in MR Physics
Teaching materials by Peter Jezzard and Stuart Clare in the form of 4 slide shows; Introduction to NMR, NMR Relaxation Times, Generating Images with NMR and Contrast in MRI.
Comprehensive website resource providing Magnetic Resonance Imaging information and commerce for radiologists, technologists, administrators, industry professionals and medical imaging professionals worldwide.
Magnetic Resonance Development and Application Center
MRDAC is a research and service institution located at the University Hospital Freibug, Germany. Includes details of the organization, its concept and visions, the technology used and its involvement in drug trials.
Magnetic Resonance Research Facility
Vaitkevicius Magnetic Resonance Center, MRRF Magnetic Resonance Research Facility at Wayne state University, USA.
MRI Physics
Provides a summary of the science behind MRI using every day language. Includes some example images.
MRI Q&A for Physicists
Questions and answers on the basics of MRI for physicists and other clinical scientists. Also provides animated tutorials and interactive learning tools.
MRI Safety
The Institute for Magnetic Resonance Safety, Education, and Research (IMRSER): information for healthcare providers and patients. Requires free registration.
MRI Teaching Modules
A collection of programs for use in teaching magnetic resonance imaging.
Simply Physics
Textbook for sale providing a basic overview of the physics of MRI.
Vascular Imaging Lab: University of Washington
Research aims to advance imaging technology and identify the underlying causes of cardiovascular disease initiation, progression and complications. Includes information on the lab, the research, people, publications and services.
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