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Adrien-Marie Legendre
Brief biography and summary of his works.
Baez, John
University of California Riverside. Research interests: quantum gravity and n-categories. Regular column on "This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics".
Benjamin Jurke
Researcher in String Theory and Mathematical Physics. Website contains several online tools (e.g. cohomCalg), research information and popular-scientific / introductory texts.
Borresen, Jon
University of Exeter. Recent work on coupled systems and theoretical neuroscience. Publications and preprints.
Charles Hermite
Includes a biography comparing him with other contemporaries of his, references and quotations.
Charles-François Sturm
A biography of the Mathematican who worked on differential equations and created the form now call Sturm-Liouville equations.
David Feinstein
Applications of mathematics to physics problems drawn from a career in industry.
Delius, Gustav W.
University of York. Quantum field theory and mathematical physics, particularly interested in integrable quantum field theories with a boundary. Publications, talks, teaching material, meetings.
Edmond Laguerre
Includes a brief biography and bibliography.
Elie Cartan
A brief biography of Cartan and exposition of his work in applied topology.
Elie Cartan
Includes a brief biography and a reference list.
George Green
A biography including quotations from his writings and contemporary articles.
George Stokes
A short biography on the mathematician who created Stokes's theorem
Greg Moore
Rutgers University. Research on string theory and M-theory, with a particular emphasis on the underlying mathematical structures and applications to and from modern mathematics.
Gustav Jacobi
The mathematician whose work with coordinate transformations is still common in mathematical physics
Hermann Hankel
The mathematician who developed Hankel functions and the Hankel transform.
Jean Delambre
The mathematician who analysed the orbit of Uranus and predicted a possible extra planet.
Jean Fourier
A short biography on the man who invented the Fourier series and transforms.
Joseph Liouville
The mathematician who developed Sturm-Liouville differential equations.
Nelson, Mark
University of Wollongong. Non-linear chemical dynamics.
Nunez, Alvaro
NYU graduate, now on the faculty at Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York. Includes selected publications.
Shakhbazyan, Vsemayr
Provides information on the Renormalization Group, Asymptotic Freedom, and other papers.
Sophus Lie
A short history of the life and work of Sophus Lie, whose work, Lie groups, has applications in quantum mechanics in relativity.
Steven Duplij
Research in mathematical aspects of supersymmetry; also personal interests.
Symmetry People
A list of personal web pages related to symmetries and integrability.
Tierz, Miguel
IEEC/CSIC. Random matrix theory, quantum groups and zeta functions. Publications, resources.
Vicsek, Tamas
Department of Biological Physics. Eötvös Loránd University. Budapest, Hungary. Specializes in statistical physics.
Vito Volterra
A short biography on Volterra and his work in differential equations and mathematical physics.
Vladimir I. Arnold
Overview of the life and works of the man who has given many topological (and other) contributions to mathematical physics.
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