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AB Millimetre
Company manufactures millimetre and submillimeter waves Vector Network Analyzers for measurements of material properties and devices at frequencies from 8 GHz to 1000 GHz.
Bartington Instruments
Manufactures fluxgate magnetometers, magnetic field sensors and magnetic susceptibility systems for soils and rocks.
Caylar Magnetic Instruments
Manufacturer of NMR and Hall effect gaussmeters (teslameters), magnetic field regulators in closed loop systems.
Custom Magnet Supplier
Supplier of magnets, specializing in custom magnet shapes and designs. Eagerly works with inventors, companies, universities, schools, and individuals worldwide.
Diamond Engineering
RF and microwave antenna measurement systems and software.
E-magnets UK
A specialist supplier of permanent magnets, including Neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets, alnico magnets and rubber magnets. Offers free advice and technical help.
Elcometer Distribution
Offers a range of surface coating test and measurement products including portable coating thickness gauges, paint meters and other equipment.
Electronic Filters
Real-world signals contain wanted and unwanted information. Therefore, some kind of electronic filtering technique must separate the two before processing and analysis can begin.
Fat Quarters Software and Electronics
Offers magnetic field sensors and the electronics to interface them.
Powerful Neodymium and Ceramic magnets and other products, sold new and surplus and at wholesale prices. Site also has a FAQ for magnets and electromagnetism, and magnetic demonstration images.
Group3 Technology Ltd.
Precision magnetic field measuring instruments, and fiber optically linked distributed control systems.
Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd.
Manufactures a range of portable and handheld gaussmeters for measurement of magnetic flux densities.
Hunan Kemeida Electric CO., LTD
Kemeida, manufacturer of lifting electromagnets, electromagnetic stirrer, cable reel, lifting magnets, hose reel, permanent magnetic separator, gas reel.
Integrity Design and Research Co.
High quality instrumentation and detectors for magnetic field AC,DC and for nuclear radiation (apha, gamma, and x-radiation) measurement.
Jandel Engineering
Manufacture probes for resistivity test measurement of semiconductors, silicon wafers and thin metal films. Based in Leighton Buzzard, UK.
Kemo Filters
Kemo produce a wide range of electronic signal filters, from simple filter modules to complex computer controlled multi-channel systems with gain.
Magnetic Sciences
Manufacture, sell and rent test equipment for measuring magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Products include gaussmeters, Teslameters, magnetometers, magnetic field sensors, electromagnetic sensors, EMF meters, EMC/EMI/RFI probes, antennas, radio frequency meters.
High performance SQUID electronics and laboratory amplifiers.
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University
The NHMFL develops and operates high magnetic field facilities used for research in physics, biology, bioengineering, chemistry, geochemistry, biochemistry, materials science, and engineering.
S2M Magnetic Bearings
Producer of magnetic bearings for turbomachine, vacuum, natural gas treatment, and air conditioning machines. High speed motors for high speed milling, machines-tool.
Schonstedt Instrument Company
Manufacturer of handheld magnetometers for locating UXO and other explosive remnants of war.
Company supplies instruments and service for several fields in science. Special expertise is in magnetic instruments and screening, as well as medical related devices. Based in Spain.
Space Cryomagnetics Ltd.
Company provides a complete service from design, through assembly, to installation and commissioning. The focus is on custom-built and special magnets, but the company also supplies standard cryogenic equipment and consultancy services.
Speake Sensors and Co Ltd
Manufacture and supply Magnetic Field Sensors, used by a series of ASICS (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) for applications such as gaussmeters, vehicle detectors, compasses, magnetometers and gradiometers.
Spicer Consulting
Electron beams and electronic systems. Equipment for measuring and cancelling magnetic fields in the environment of electron microscopes.
Stangenes Industries, Inc.
Transformers, current transformers, voltage dividers, electromagnets, X-ray power supplies, pulse forming networks.
Stefan Mayer Instruments
Fluxgate magnetometers, magnetic field compensation systems (active magnetic shielding), and magnetic permeability meters.
United Nuclear
Offers powerful Neodymium magnets for sale.
VS MicroAnalytical
Vacuum Systems for Micro Analysis is a manufacturer of photo-electron mass spectrometers capable of fast quantity non-destructive chemical mapping. Based in UK.
Yuxiang Magnetic Material Co.
Produces hard ferrite, permanent, rare earth, NdFeb, Neodymium, SmCo, and AlNiCo magnets. Headquarters located in Xiamen, China.
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