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Andrija Radovic Physics Pages
The site is written in the style of a text book, presenting every step and allowing a student to follow it through, understand it and know if it is right or not. The presented theory says that the gravitational field has origin in annulations of the electromagnetic field, i.e. that electromagnetic fields transmute to gravitational one.
Antigravity Technology - Superconductive Electromagnetic Engine
Presented the structure and principle of the almighty engine, "superconductive electromagnetic engine" that can create antigravity force.
An Antisymmetric Metric
The Maxwell equations are derived from an antisymmetric space-time metric.
The company advertises their Kirlian Camera for taking pictures of invisible radiating energy fields that surround all living things.
Charge, Attraction and Repulsion
Description of electric and magnetic charge in terms of UEF.
Correction of Maxwell's Equations
The site proves that it was Hertz who gave the correct form of Maxwell's equations, as well as that the Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction is in contradiction with Einstein's special relativity.
Critical Researches on General Electrodynamics
English translation of Walter Ritz's 1908 criticism of Maxwell-Lorentz electromagnetic theory.
The Electrical Vortex Non-Solenoidal Fields
A mistake is found in electrodynamics: under transverse motion of a magnet the vortex electric fields can be unclosed and the flow of induction through a closed surface can be nonzero.
Electrodynamic Explanation of Ball Lightning
Ball lightning is considered as self-closed alternating displacement current, which produces air luminescence (electroluminescence).
Electromagnetic Field Energy
Study by John Linus O’Sullivan.
The Grand Unified Theory: Wave Theory
An attempt to explain every principle process that occurs in nature by introducing energetic matter as the basic element which builds wave formations.
New Induction
The new model of electromagnetic induction is claimed as superior to Faraday's law in every respect. It predicts things that Faraday can not.
Trans-Light State
Theory, with suggested experiments, that our four-dimensional universe (3D space + time) is a "special case" of a five-dimensional reality called the trans-light state. This would be the state of existence which prevails once the light barrier has been broken.
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