If you were going to refer someone to a good single tutorial on a physics subject, hopefully you would find it here. Many sites on the web are 'about' a topic, but don't try to teach it. This category is intended to link to sites that competently and thoroughly teach a physics topic. It is apparent to this editor that sites like that are fairly hard to find.

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Light and Matter
Free introductory physics textbooks for the high school or college level, available as large pdf files to download. Topics available are Newtonian physics, conservation laws, vibrations and waves, electricity and magnetism, optics and modern physics.
AP Physics Resources
Provides material for students preparing for AP Physics B and C examinations, providing information on a wide range of physics topics in blog style.
Calculus-Based Physics
Free two-volume introductory physics textbook in pdf and editable format with ancillary materials including video solutions to physics problems, class question slides, and on-line quizzes with feedback.
Classical, Quantum, and Statistical Mechanics Education Sites
A collection of links to assorted sites with educational material in these three forms of mechanics.
Concepts in Theoretical Physics
Ben Simons' lecture notes on theoretical physics, in postscript format.
Elementary Physics II
A set of online course notes for introductory physics. Includes electromagnetic fields, relativity, and quantum mechanics.
eTutor Physics
Provides online homework help. Includes physics formulae, a glossary of physics terms and important physics tutorials.
Fear Of Physics
An interactive, visual, and non-technical site that shows some laws of physics in action.
Furry Elephant: Physics
Provides teaching and learning activities, with animations and simulations, on radioactivity, atomic physics and electricity. There is particular emphasis on common misconceptions.
Guided Readings in Elementary Quantum Mechanics
Contains guided readings in Advanced Physical Chemistry and Theoretical Chemistry, specifically, Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics, with an emphasis on chemical applications. Notice that Guided Reading means what it says, you can not simply read the material contained in this site, you must answer questions about the material as you proceed. These notes allow persons to review/carry out the algebra and calculus for standard quantum mechanical problems.
HyperPhysics is an exploration environment for concepts in physics which employs concept maps and other linking strategies to facilitate smooth navigation.
IB Physics Stuff
Physics notes and lab ideas provided by a former IB Physics teacher.
The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards
Analyses of various pool and billiard principles and techniques, including "physics of pool" technical documents, video clips, instructional articles, and related links.
IUN/FYDE Introductory Physics Notes
These notes constitute a general, non-calculus introductory physics course. They are based on lectures given through the IUN/FYDE distance education program of the University of Winnipeg, which provides access to university level courses for communities outside of Winnipeg
Learn Physics Today
Tutorial with questions, solutions and quizzes.
Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves
A lecture from professor Michael Fowler at U of Virginia. Long and detailed.
The Most Important Equation in Physics
A tutorial on Newton's second law.
Motion Mountain
A free physics textbook with more than 1000 pages. The text is a guide to finding the answers to the following questions: How do things move? Why do things move? What is motion? Why does it exist?
The Particle Adventure
An award-winning site from the Particle Data Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. "A tour of the inner workings of the atom."
Physics 1501 - Modern Technology
An undergraduate course offered at the University of Winnepeg on introductory physics. All lecture notes are online, and include material on relativity and quantum theory.
Physics 1501 - Modern Technology
University of Winnipeg Lecture notes for Physics 1501. Covers classical physics, special relativity, quantum theory and nuclear physics.
Physics and Calculus
Multimedia tutorials teaching students how to solve college physics problems. Each topic covers the essential information and necessary formulas and provides worked problems.
Physics Cafe
Provides a Logical Problem Solving Strategy to help physics students in Singapore JC Physics. Includes physics video tutorials.
The Physics Classroom
Includes lengthy tutorials, a collection of GIF animations, Javascript-driven Internet problems, interactive Shockwave activities, unit reviews (with answers), and sample quizzes.
Physics for K-12
Part of a physics course structured and designed for class room teaching. The book conforms to the standards and frame work prescribed by various Boards of State Education. The content development is targeted to young enquiring minds.
Physics Tuition by Singapore Tutor
Collection of physics resources according to Singapore syllabus. Also includes scanned certificates and awards won by physics tutor, plus feedback from tuition students and parents.
Physics Tutorials
Math and some basic physics concepts requiring math or understanding of vectors.
Physics Tutorials
A wide variety of topics are covered using Flash movies and diagrams.
Physics Tutorials
Provides free online tutorials including optics, motion, power, vectors, mechanics, momentum, heat and electrostatics.
Physics Zone - Lessons Tutorials and Help
A resource for learning introductory level, algebra based, physics. Lessons and review are organized by topic.
Relativity Tutorial
An illustrated introductory guide to relativity, intended for advanced high school or college students. Large file to download.
Help with the fundamentals of physics, from basic through university level. Illustrated using Flash demonstrations and experiments.
Superstrings Theory
An online introduction to superstring theory, which is the leading candidate for the theory of all fundamental interactions in the universe.
Teacher's Guide to Superconductivity for High School Students
Geared towards teachers so they can in turn teach others about superconductivity. Detailed, and a good read for anyone interested in the topic. Last updated 1996, but still quite useful.
What is Chaos?
A simple but useful interactive tutorial to Chaos Physics and Chaotic Motion in Classical and Quantum Mechanics.
Wilfrid Laurier University Physics Lab
Contains specific information about physics courses with labs, but also general resources such as tutorials on PSpice and LaTeX.
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