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BlackBody Spectrum Applet
Shows the relation between wavelength, emitted power, and peak wavelength for a blackbody (Planck's function).
Build a Solar System
A table to help build or draw a scale model of the solar system. Specify the size of the sun and the sizes of and distances between various objects are calculated.
Davidson Physlet Problems
Physics applets plus the source code. Links to other applet sites and authors are here as well.
Galileo and Einstein
Michael Fowler's physics lectures from the University of Virginia. Includes a collection of physics simulations in JAVA and Flash.
Generalized Physics Applets
Several categories from which to choose.
Gravitational Orbits
Applet demonstrates Kepler's law.
How To Teach Statistical Thermal Physics In An Introductory Physics Course
Several simulation applets which can be used to teach the statistical foundations of thermal physics in introductory college physics courses. Download applets for free.
Interactive Color Wheel
The SIH wheel is a Java applet that allows a person to view relationships between color (saturation, intensity, and hue) and luma.
Interactive Physics and Math with Java
A set of more than 20 scientifically accurate educational applets which mostly cover the course of Introductory Physics or material close to it. This site is mirrored a number of places on the net.
Java Applets for Engineering Education
Statics, dynamics and fluid dynamics.
Simulates the motion of planets moving under gravity. It comes with a number of initial "scenarios." Can also add more planets during a simulation.
Nori's Physics Page
Java applets and Quicktime movies of physics simulations such as solar system, ideal gas, wave interference, and the Doppler effect.
NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory
Offers several applets for various areas of physics. - Transistorized! Web Site Interactives
Features two interactive games related to the development of transitors. The object of the Periodic Puzzle is to line up tiles to match a section of the periodic table of the elements. The Wafer Maker is a fast-paced game where the user grows silicon crystals to make transistors.
Physics Flash Animations
Animations sorted by category, and the file size of each animation is included in the listing.
Powers of 10 - Interactive Java Tutorial
Start 10 million light-years from the Milky Way galaxy and wind up face to face with a proton in Florida.
Wave machine with various parameters, with explanatory text.
Ripple Tank Applet
Two wave sources in a ripple tank. You set the variables and watch it run.
UCI Chemistry - Applets
Educational applets covering irreversibility, chemical kinetics, the second law of thermodynamics, ideal atmosphere, particle in a box (quantum mechanics) and a monte carlo simulation.
Universal Nuclide Calculator
Allows the simulation of the radioactive decay.
Vector Calculator
Intended to give students a "feel" for vectors in two dimensions. Specifically, it covers components, magnitude and direction, and vector addition.
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