North Carolina State University Physics Demonstrations Collection
Extensive set of physics demonstrations, many with movies.
Auburn University Department of Physics Demonstrations
Catalog of demonstrations for many topics, with a photograph of the setup and brief description.
Boston University Physics Demo Room
A catalog of the physics lecture demonstrations available at Boston University.
Dartmouth Physics and Astronomy - Lecture/Demo Topics
Photographs, descriptions, modest online catalog
Harvard University Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations
A categorized catalog of lecture demonstrations available to undergraduate Harvard Physics courses consisting of descriptions, diagrams, and photos.
Idaho State University Physics Demonstrations
Physics experiments available for use in lectures, organized by topic. Includes descriptions of how to set up and use demonstration apparatus.
Indiana University Bloomington Department of Physics Lecture Demonstrations
Descriptions and equipment lists plus new web-based resources by area of physics.
Iowa State University Physics and Astronomy Lecture Demonstrations
Demonstrations and videos from ISU. Includes setup description and photographs.
Michigan State University Physics and Astronomy Lecture Demonstrations
Descriptions of all of the demonstrations available for physics lectures.
Michigan Technological University Physics Lecture-Demonstration Facility
Images and descriptions of available demonstrations plus recommendations for various classes.
Purdue University Physics Lecture Demonstrations
Brief descriptions accompanied by line drawings.
Tel Aviv University Physics Demonstration Lab
School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel aviv University. Demonstrations available at the school, and related links.
University of California Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations
Offers detailed diagrams with explanations for hundreds of demonstrations.
University of California Los Angeles Lecture Demonstration Manual
Drawings, photographs, descriptions, complete table of contents.
University of Guelph Physics Demonstrations
Includes a catalog of titles and basic components for each of the demonstrations available for undergraduate teaching.
University of Iowa Physics and Astronomy Lecture Demonstrations
Demonstration catalog as well as a directory of available visual media (films, videos) which show demonstrations which may be difficult, dangerous, or impractical to do in a classroom.
University of Melbourne Physics Lecture Demonstrations
A quick reference demonstration catalogue compiled for first year physics lecturers at the University of Melbourne. Included are descriptions of apparatus, experimental arrangements and brief operational details.
University of Michigan - Physics Demonstration Lab
Extensive photographs, procedures, equipment lists, audio-video materials.
University of Minnesota Physics Lecture Demonstrations
Grouped by topic with descriptions, photographs, and videos.
University of Montana Physics Demo Room
Photographs, some descriptions. Extensive photographs from the Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations, The Education Group
University of North Texas Physics Lecture Demonstrations
Demonstration manual and collection of available audiovisual materials.
University of Texas at Austin Physics Lecture Demonstrations
Part of the Physics Department at UT Austin. Demonstrations have photos and brief descriptions.
University of Virginia Demonstrations
Grouped by topic with illustrations and descriptions.
Virginia Tech Physics Lecture Demonstrations
Photographs, descriptions, equipment lists. Complete table of contents page. Suggested demonstrations by course.
Wake Forest University Physics Online Demos
Includes demonstration descriptions, photographs, and long streaming videos.
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