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This section is about demonstrations of physical phenomena, mainly physics or physical science, appropriate to various age groups. It is NOT intended for sites which want to sell demonstration or lab products. There is a 'suppliers' page elsewhere for that.

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Apparatus Competition, American Association of Physics Teachers, 1999
Entries and winners, San Antonio, Texas, August 4, 1999
The Cathode Ray Tube Site
Images and history of old technical glassware and physical instruments, many of which are used for demonstrations in courses worldwide.
Donald Simanek, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, Physics Lecture Demonstrations
Lecture demonstrations for physics courses, compiled and annotated by Dr Donald Simanek. Reads like a storybook.
Dramatic Physics Demonstrations
Physics demonstrations for classroom use. Covers Newton's Laws, Air pressure, heat and other areas. Contains instructions for making many of the demos.
Electrostatic Machines
Construction details and history, with pictures and directions for a wide variety of generators.
Firewalking Myth vs Physics
Information on firewalking from people who firewalk. Background on firewalking and data on modern walks. Information for putting on your own.
Industrial Electrostatics Demonstrations
The project described at this web page was undertaken to develop a set of demonstrations having clear relevance to manufacturing and commercial operations. Some of these demonstrations should also serve to augment the science teacher's or hobbyist's bag of tricks by making it easier to reinforce the relationship between basic principles and practical situations.
Julien Clinton Sprott, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Physics Demonstrations, A Sourcebook for Teachers of Physics
Physics demonstrations, descriptions, discussions of the physics, and hazards to avoid. Groupings are light, magnetism, electricity, sound, heat, and motion.
Physics Behind Four Amazing Demonstrations, Skeptical Inquirer
Physics theory behind four dramatic demonstrations: walking on broken glass, dipping one's fingers in molten lead, breaking a concrete block over someone lying between beds of nails, and picking up an orange-hot piece of silica tile.
Physics Demonstration Resources Online, University of Texas at Austin
For physics educators interested in developing demonstrations. Provides links to many colleges' demo resources.
Physics Demonstrations and Science Exhibit Designs
Bill Beaty's Science Hobbyist site. Includes many links to his and other demonstration sources. - Physics To Go
Recipes for and videos of 20 easy-to-replicate physics-based tricks. These were produced in Einstein Year, 2005, to help Institute of Physics members engage non-physicists.
Static Electricity Generator
How to make and use a frictional static electricity generator which makes HUGE sparks. Also, links to other electricity demos on the internet.
Video Demonstrations, Colorado State University College of Engineering
Various principles and devices, including dynamics, mechanisms, vibration and sound, mechatronics and measurement systems, pool and billiards, and solid mechanics.
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