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Attaccalite, Claudio
Researcher in CNRS (Grenoble). Theory and numerical simulation of electronic properties.
Bailey, Louise R.
Ph.D. student at the University of Warwick, UK, studying the surface and bulk electrical, optical and structural properties of highly mismatched semiconductor compounds. Includes CV, research and publications.
Balents, Leon
Theoretical physics research on strong correlation and quantum effects in condensed matter systems, including magnetism, superconductivity, nanoelectronics in specific structures and general conceptual problems in the field.
Baulin, Vladimir
Researcher at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), ETSEQ DEQ. Conception and design of polymer drug carriers in form of block copolymer micelles, polysoaps, anion-cation complexes, hydrogels, nano-containers, vesicles etc. Drug delivery and controlled release. Research on water soluble polymers, liquid crystals, star polymers, spatial orientation of microtubules.
Bogoslovov, Radoslav
Polymer electrolyte research on PEO-lithium salt for use as rechargeable batteries.
Castro Neto, Antonio
Professor at University of Illinois. Theory of graphene and quantum phase transitions in ordered and disordered systems
Clougherty, Dennis P.
Research on topics in theoretical condensed matter physics, including ultracold atom-surface scattering and quantum sticking, Jahn-Teller effects in molecules, clusters and solids, and properties of fullerenes and nanotubes.
Cohen, Doron
Professor at Ben-Gurion University. Theoretical research in quantum chaos and mesoscopic physics, in particular study of driven systems, quantum pumping, dephasing and dissipation.
Coraux, Johann
CNRS research staff at Neel Institute in Grenoble (France). Research on epitaxial Graphene on metals and on metallic nanostructures on epitaxial graphene.
Dekker, Cees
Professor at the Kavli Institute of NanoScience, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. Provides comprehensive lists of current research projects, publications, a CV and personal info.
Drabold, David
Simulation of glasses and amorphous materials with links to current research on amorphous materials and electronic structure calculations.
Eisenstein, James
Professor at Caltech. The main focus of his research is the exotic collective behavior of low dimensional electronic systems in semiconductors.
Figueiredo, Vitor
Information about the Portuguese researcher Vitor Figueiredo (FCT-UNL), publications and scientific interests.
Flensberg, Karsten
Associate Professor at the Neils Borh Institute (Denmark). Research interests: Solid state theory, mesoscopic physics, molecular electronics.
Freericks, Jim
Georgetown University, Department of Physics. Research interests include nanoscale electronics and nonequilibrium and nonlinear response work.
Ghosh, Saptarshi
Condensed matter research scholar in the theoretical division of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Provides information on research interests in geometrically frustrated correlated electron systems on the triangular lattice.
Goldhaber-Gordon, David
Assistant professor at Standford University (USA). Research interest in various subjects of mesoscopic physics: Kondo effect, magnetic semiconductors, scanning gate miscroscopy, graphene etc.
Hofmann, Stephan
Lecturer at the university of Cambridge. research on nano-materials for electronics and subwavelength photonics.
Jason Haraldsen's Website
Professional website for Jason T. Haraldsen. Jason is a theoretical condensed matter physicist.
Kamenev, Alex
Professor at the University of Minnesota. Research areas include theoretical condensed matter physics, disordered systems and glasses, field-theoretical treatment of many-body systems, mesoscopic systems and out of equilibrium systems.
Ketterle, Wolfgang
Nobel laureate (2001). Research on ultra cold atoms. Contains Ketterle's biography, list of publications, interviews and photos.
King, Philip D. C.
Postdoc at the University University of St Andrews, UK. Research interests in the electronic structure and properties of emerging materials, including highly-correlated solids and novel semiconductors.
Koch, Jens
Professor at Northwestern University working on theoretical condensed matter physics, including strongly correlated systems, quantum information processing with solid-state devices and theory of quantum transport.
Koch, Norbert
Research on Conjugated Organic Materials for novel opto-electronic devices.
Kuksenok, Olga
University of Pittsburgh. Research interests are modeling of binary fluids within microchannels (morphological instabilities and periodic droplet formation) and modeling of ternary fluids with reversible chemical reactions.
Kumada, Norio
Researcher at Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Basic Research Labs (Japan). Research interest: Quantum Hall effect in single and multilayer electron systems, control of nuclear spins in semiconductors.
Leggett, Anthony J.
Nobel laureate (2003). Professor at university of Illinois. Research on low temperature Theoretical physics. Superfluidity, superconductivity and basic conceptual issues in the foundations of quantum mechanics.
Li, Xiaoqin
Assistand professor at University of Texas. Her research program focuses on the studies of quantum dynamics in various materials and nanostructures.
Lieber, Charles
Charles Lieber is a Professor at Harvard University. His research focuses on the synthesis of nanoscale wires together with demonstrations of applications of theses materials.
Liss, Klaus-Dieter
Condensed matter physicist and materials scientist, specialist in synchrotron X-ray and neutron diffraction
MacDonald, Allan H.
Professor at university of Texas. Theory of graphene, metal spintronics, cold atoms, quantum Hall systems and nanoparticules
McBride, Carl
Physicist and theoretical physical chemist. Research interests, in the area of soft condensed matter physics, and publications list.
Meloni, Simone
Contains information on our research, teaching and scientific software development.
Moliner, Marion
Research interests include condensed matter theory, including frustrated systems, quantum magnetism, spin phonon coupling and low-dimensional systems.
Nadgorny, Boris
Boris Nadgorny's Research Group at Wayne State University, Physics and Astronomy Department
Olivier Fruchart
Senior scientist at Institut NEEL, Grenoble, France (CNRS). Works on condensed matter magnetism, especially nanomagnetism and spintronics.
Paricaud, Patrice
Lecturer at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées, working on thermodynamics of polymer systems and molecular simulation of electrolyte solutions.
Parrondo, Juan M. R.
Physicist at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Pershin, Yuriy V.
Research associate at Michigan State University. Pershin's webpage informs about his research interests, publications, and teaching.
Postawa, Zbigniew
Interactions of low-energy particles with thin organic layers.
Potty, Sankara N.
Research interests and results in the fields of nanomaterials and nanoparticles.
Quintanilla, Jorge
A theorist working on quantum condensed matter and materials physics. Research subjects include superconductivty, strong correlations and ultra-cold atoms as quantum simulators.
Raas, Carsten
Physicist in the condensed matter theory group at the Saarland University (Saarbrücken/Germany).
Radzihovsky, Leo
Professor at the University of Colorado. Research interests include soft-condensed matter, superconductivity, quantum Hall effect, magnetism and general questions that arise in condensed matter systems, especially fluctuation phenomena, disorder, and phase transitions.
Renard, Vincent T.
Condensed matter physicist in Grenoble (France). Research interest: electron-electron interactions in nanosystems, silicon nanowire growth and graphene technology.
Roukes, Michael
Professor at Caltech. Research focuses on developing and using of nanodevices in the exploration of single-quantum and single-molecule phenomena.
Sachdev, Subir
Theoretical research on quantum phase transitions and their application to correlated electron materials like the high temperature superconductors and other complex oxides.
Sanchez, David
Universitat de les Illes Balears. Research interests: Semiconductor Superlattices; Quantum Dots; Spintronics; Many-body Theory. Publication downloads.
Schmitt, Daniel
Provides information about research, publications and teaching. At the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Ulm University.
Stroscio, Joseph
Researcher at the National Institute of Standards and technology. His research includes atomic manipulation, the physical properties of nanostructures, low dimensional electron systems, nanoscale magnetism, the epitaxial growth of metal and semiconductor systems, and the physics of Graphene.
Taillefer, Louis
Professor at Sherbrooke University (Canada). Specialist in High Tc superconductors.
Takashina, Kei
Academic fellow in Bath University (UK). Interested in physics and applications of low dimensional systems. In particular electrons and hole systems at the Si/SiO2 interface.
Thywissen, Joseph H.
Home page at the physics department of the university of Toronto, including research descriptions, CV, informative links, and positions available.
von Klitzing, Klauss
Nobel laureate (1985). Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for solid state research. His research focuses on the influence of quantum phenomena on the transport and optical response of heterostructures, quantum wells and molecular systems.
Voznyy, Alexander
Density functional theory modeling of thiols self-assembled monolayers on semiconductor surfaces (GaAs).
Wang, Zhong Lin
Professor at Georgia Tech. Research focuses on nanomaterials synthesis and their applications in energy science and biomedical science.
Webber, Beau
School of Physical Sciences, Kent, UK. Interests are nano-science, study of liquids in confined geometry and at surfaces, characterisation of porous materials such as porous silica/rocks/clays/sediments, gas hydrates/clathrates. NMR relaxation, NMR cryoporometry, NMR diffusion, neutron diffraction (NS, SANS), thermoporosimetry.
Werheit, Helmut
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Helmut Werheit, Semiconductor and solid state properties of boron and boron-rich solids
Zhang, Zhenrong
Assistant professor at Baylor University. Research aims at the synthesis of controlled inverse model oxide nanocatalysts and the atomic-level understanding of their structure-activity relationships in catalytic reactions for liquid fuel and automotive emission.
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