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Numerical Recipes
Complete free online versions of this standard textbook on computational methods, in the C, Fortran and Fortran-90 editions. PS/PDF. Software and C++ edition for sale.
3D Physics
An overview of numerical methods of simulating physical systems.
Books on Computational Science
A handy list of books on Computational Sciences.
Computational Physics
An introductory course to Computational Physics.
Computational Physics
The goal of this course is to make aware of what is involved in computational physics, and the large variety of methods form classical to quantum physics using the computer.
Computational Physics
Source code for computational physics projects
Computational Physics (PH281)
Introduction to computational methods for simulating physical systems using MATLAB.
Computational Physics by Jos Thijssen
Free online support material with implementation of the algorithm and exercises of the book.
Computational Physics Education
Computational physics classes at Michigan State University.
Computational Physics Fortran Edition
The FORTRAN and BASIC source codes to accompany the book.
Computational Physics Resource on the Internet
This course provides an introduction to some of the most widely used methods of computational physics.
Computational Physics with Python
A complete introduction to the field of computational physics, with examples and exercises in the Python programming language.
Computational Studies of Pure and Dilute Spin Models
Monte Carlo simulations of ferromagnetic material using Ising and Potts spin models to ascertain selected properties of such material. Discusses what spin models are and how they are used to simulate magnetic material, with particular attention to the use of cluster algorithms.
Free university lectures
Lectures online on computer science, mathematics, physics.
FreeScience books in Computational Physics
Free books in Computational Physics.
Hands-on tutorial course on VASP
A self-learning course of the Vienna Ab-initio Simulation Package with slides of the talks and the exercises of the sessions.
Institute for Computational Physics:
The institute of computational physics on high performance computers.
An Introduction to Computational Physics
The materials for the book. Including, Errors Found, Fortran and C codes.
NIC Series
From Theory to Algorithms, a summary of the key ingredients necessary to carry out simulation by the Forschungszentrum J├╝lich.
Prof. Phillip M. Duxbury's website
Lectures by Professor Phillip M. Duxbury at Michigan State University.
Summer Schools on Computational Materials Science
Web archive of materials from Materials Computation Center with summer school teaching materials and computer labs available for download from the Schools' websites.
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