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Aether: The Physicalists' God
Book by Laurent R. Duchesne which represents his lifelong quest for proof of wholeness in space and time as a fundamental property of the Universe.
Toward a Unification of Relativity and Quantum Theory via Circularly Causal Modeling; an "aether" theory based on, and extending, the deBroglie-Bohm interpretation.
Basic Structures of Matter
Unified theory based on alternative concept of the physical vacuum.
Bubbles Theory
This theory suggests that matter is geometrical form of light and that gravitational, weak and strong interactions are special forms of electromagnetic interactions.
Convergetics Research Center
Interdisciplinary research company that builds a coherent and convergent theoretical model of reality by using the tools provided by the science of convergetics.
Electrogravitation as a Unified Field Theory
Source for a free ebook by Jerry E. Bayles.
Electrogravitational Mechanics
Source for free e-book, Electrogravitation As A Unified Field Theory, by Jerry E. Bayles.
The Electron Positron Lattice Structure of Vacuum Space
Explores the work of Dr Menahem Simhony, whose epola model of matter, space and radiation offers a leap forward for science in the twenty-first century.
Flux Particle Theory
A new theory of everything by James Clifford Cranwell.
Foton Gravity
A purely mechanical model of the universe that consistently explains both physical and spiritual phenomena.
Geometric Generalization of the Structure of Nature
GSN is a conceptual theory, which generates Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. GSN identifies the basic principles of nature.
God Almighty Grand Unified Theory: GAGUT
Prof. Gabriel Oyibo presents his unified theory.
Grand Unified Theory: Wave Theory
Grand Unified Theory explains every principle process that occurs in nature by introducing energetic matter as the basic force matter that formed wave formations.
Gravity Theory -- A Brief Introduction
New gravity model by David W. Allan introduces an energy density component and diallel, gravitational-field lines as part of new Unified Field Theory.
Half-Multiplier Operator and the Unified Field Equation
A new Matrix Operator which generates and governs Nested Arrays. From basic equation (the Mother Equation) we can derive the Field Equations for Physics, Chemistry, Astro-Physics and Statistics and connect Statistics with them all.
An alternative science newsblog with articles about paradigm shift research, unified theories, quantum physics, the noosphere and the collective consciousness.
In Pursuit of Gravitation
Steve Olah explains his Unified Theory. The Universe is an expanding ball of high pressure super-gas, electrons and protons. [PDF]
IToE - The Impressionist Theory of Everything
The Impressionist Theory of Everything explores the concept that paradox is a natural mechanism in the universe responsible for a cycle that is not resolvable.
Journal of Space Mixing
Free online physics journal about space mixing theory and developing a unified theory of everything.
New Theoretical Physics by James A. Putnam
This new physics theory achieves unity beginning at the fundamental level. Essays on physics, life and intelligence are included.
Polarizable Vacuum Zero-point Energy Model of the Universe
Introduction to a vacuum fluctuation induced and mediated universe model of all known forces with a text for the layman available for download.
The Quantum AetherDynamics Institute
Non-profit research organization created to promote a testable, common-sense Theory of Everything.
The Quantum Structure of Spacetime
Alexander Esih Muvrin proposes the conceptual unification and reconciliation of the theory of relativity with quantum theory of gravity and the mathematical concept of continuum with the concept of spacetime.
Quest for a Theory of Everything
ToeQuest is a community of researchers dedicated in their quest for a Theory of Everything (TOE). See the latest research in physics, quantum theory, reality, mind and consciousness.
Relative Histories Formulation of Quantum Mechanics
David Strayhorn describes his RHF theory which is summarized in three papers that are available to download.
The Search for Undiscovered Force Fields
Paper describes rationale for existence of undiscovered force fields.
Simple Unified Field Theory
based on aether flow concept.
Spacetime Model: The Theory of Everything
Outlines the theory of spacetime and provides a five part downloadable explanation extending it to all elements of the universe.
Supergravity A Supersymmetry
An attempt of a Unified Field Theory using acceleration in place of gravity. After all mass reacts to acceleration the same way it does with gravity.
Theory of Everything
Information about Christopher Langan's cognitive-theoretic model of the Universe.
Theory of Everything Publications
An attempt to unify gravity, strong and electroweak interactions.
Unified Field Theory
Discussions a theory that unites general relativity with quantum mechanics using just 4 dimensions.
Unified Theory
A place where people can express new ideas pertaining to science.
Universe Creation Theory
Joseph Eric Bressman outlines his Gas Theory of the universe.
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