This category is for sites that relate to non-conventional/mainstream views of gravity and its motions.

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Abolish a Force
Describes qualitatively how gravity can be accounted for by nuclear forces.
Sergey Ivanenko explains gravity as an inertial phenomenon caused by movement of the universe with respect to higher dimensions.
The Cause of Gravity Solved?
Proposes a new theory of gravity which supports the claim that matter contracts space.
Electrogravity Theory
Article discussing the nature of gravity. We live with this force on a daily basis and yet it remains one of the greatest mysteries of our technological society.
An Experimentally Based Theory of Gravity
Morton F. Spears developed a new approach to gravity based on electrostatic relationships and the permittivity of open space.
Galactic Gravitation Calculator
Demonstrates how new quantum gravity theory explains orbits in spiral galaxies without Dark Matter.
Part of an explanation of gravity included in Mel Winfield's book "The Science of Actuality".
Gravitational Force Vectoring
A site describing how gravity can be created in the context of the conservation of energy and quantum mechanics, with information on related events.
The Gravitational Isolator
Now that there is a proven interaction between light and gravitation, Mihail Vrapcea outlines his theory that the values of this process should be inverted so that a high enough density light field will isolate a weak enough gravity field.
Richard Benish considers the possibility of testing "expanding matter" gravity models with laboratory experiments. Astrophysical and cosmological implications are also explored.
Gravity - the Process of Acceleration
A paper on Dr. Samuel V. Miensinompe's theory of relative time-space.
Gravity and the Unified Theory
Eric Sabo East Haddam provides his views on the physical means of how gravity works.
Gravity: The Unending Journey of an Apple
Provides an alternative theory of gravity that deals with many features of the force of gravity observed in the universe.
The Gravnetic Field
The existence of a vector field is shown, originated by all moving masses which exerts a force on all other nearby moving masses.
Mass and Gravity
Describes a theory that gravity is not an attractive force between masses but a pressure force produced by spacetime on volumes.
Nucleonic Energy Site
Mel Winfield explains nucleonic energy, the Hutchison Effect, levitation and physics. He is the author of the book "The Science of Actuality" which can be ordered online.
Process and Installation for Generating a Gravitational Field
Includes a patent application for such a device, with diagrams.
Red Shift
Article by Paul Schroeder that redefines cosmological red shift, its cause and the surrounding issues and concepts. [PDF]
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