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Auburn University Physics Department
Includes a staff directory, information on outreach programs, descriptions of research being undertaken, degree course information and a schedule of events.
Brandeis University: School of Physics
Includes course schedules and synopses, brief descriptions of research undertaken and graduate admissions information.
Brown Physics Department
Offers undergraduate concentration, graduate PhD programs, and research opportunities.
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona: Department of Physics and Astronomy
Includes information on course offerings and materials, schedules, departmental administrative notices, lists of staff and information on related activities.
California State University, Fullerton: Physics Department
Includes information on their degree programs, faculty member list, schedules and announcements.
Colorado School of Mines: Department of Physics
Includes an overview of the department, news, faculty and staff, areas of research and details of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum.
CWRU Physics Department
Faculty information and interests, research groups, colloquia, seminar and special event schedules, course material and descriptions, department news, directions, and contact information
Department of Applied Physics, Yale University
Research in the Department focuses on fundamental and applied condensed matter and optical physics.
Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Pennsylvania
Includes a list of staff, information on the teaching program and internship opportunities, as well as its activities.
The Department of Physics at Carnegie Mellon
Offers information regarding research initiatives, groups, facilities and events. Also provides staffing overview with specialties, curriculum requirements for various academic programs and current news and resources available.
Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science
The Southwest Missouri State University Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science's web presence contains online information for enrolling.
Department of Physics, Northeastern Illinois University
NEIU Physics Department; information about the physics courses, faculty, research, and outreach efforts at NEIU, Chicago.
The Electronic Universe
Provides educational materials and outreach information. Features course pages, physics java applet instructional aides, and Pine Mountain Observatory description and offerings.
Georgia Institute of Technology - School of Physics
Welcome to the web site of the School of physics at Georgia Tech! The School of Physics, located in the city of Atlanta, offers a dynamic environment for research and education in many areas of physics.
Gustavus Adolphus College Physics Department
Physics Department at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota.
Hollins University: Physics
A seminar-based, research-oriented program emphasizing both the conceptual and quantitative aspects of physics, with internship opportunities available.
Illinois Wesleyan University Dept. of Physics
An active department with opportunities for undergraduate research. A selective school serving only undergraduates.
Kansas State University - Physics Department
Includes information about events, a description of departmental history, administrative schedules and documents, as well as an introduction to the research being undertaken.
Michigan Technological University Department of Physics
Includes details of its degree course offerings, course materials, descriptions of research projects, and descriptions of facilities.
MIT Department of Physics
Portal with links to a department overview, academic programs, personnel, and research.
NDSU Department Of Physics
Physics At North Dakota State University. Theoretical Gravitation and Torsion, High Energy Particle Theory, Ionospheric Physics, Nonlinear Studies, Computational Physics.
NJIT Physics Department
Physics Department at New Jersey Institute of Technology. You will find physics labs, web pages for physics courses, and descriptions of physics courses, facilities and faculty.
Northern Illinois University Physics Department
Includes information on its outreach programs, seminars, research groups, lists of staff and students, course information and related links.
Northern Michigan University, Physics Department
Provides information on the department, students, programs, faculty and staff.
Notre Dame - Physics Department
Highlights special lecture and conference events and news announcements. Provides general information regarding courses of study, classes offered, program, faculty, research areas, and facilities.
Ohio State University - Department of Physics
Highlights current department news, events, and calendar of activities, with research and academic course information, lecturing schedule, and newsletters.
Oklahoma State University - Department Of Physics
Includes course catalog, research projects and seminars.
Physics and Astronomy Departments
Faculty and staff directory, course information, upcoming colloquia, research programs, details about undergraduate and graduate study, links to related organizations, and news and announcements.
Rutgers University
Department of Physics and Astronomy.
Sonoma State University Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Courses, labs, faculty and graduates as well as useful pages on jobs, graduate school, physics, astronomy, and the popular "What Physicists Do" public lecture series.
St. Lawrence University - Department of Physics
Offers class descriptions and requirements, schedules, faculty contacts, research project abstracts, and past activity photos.
Stefan University: Institute for Advanced Physics Studies
Brief information on the graduate program in physics.
Stephen F. Austin State University
Department of Physics and Astronomy (Nacogdoches, TX).
UCSD Department of Physics
Details about research, faculty, facilities and resources, seminars and colloquia, and department organization.
University of California, Irvine - Physics and Astronomy
Provides highlights, distinguishments, and academic programs, and describes areas of research, curriculum, and faculty research interests.
University of California, Los Angeles - Department of Physics and Astronomy
Offers weekly events calendar, news, and announcements, and provides overview of academic programs, classes, and research efforts.
University of Chicago - Department of Physics
Offers events and lecture schedule, and provides information regarding research subjects, faculty profiles and interests, and course pages.
University of Delaware - Department of Physics and Astronomy
Offers department directory, latest news, seminar schedules, and event announcements, with overview of the department, curriculum, and research activities.
University of Hawaii, Manoa - Department of Physics and Astronomy
Announcements and degree program descriptions, course overviews, and research specialties.
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - Department of Physics,
General information about the department, with faculty and staff backgrounds, academic offering and research information, newsletter, and seminar schedules.
The University of Iowa - Department of Physics and Astronomy
Details areas of research, academic programs, curriculum, and associated facilities. Also features a weekly calendar, events announcements, and a departmental overview.
University of Maine
Department of Physics and Astronomy. Information on people, research and programs.
University of Minnesota - School of Physics and Astronomy
Highlights current news as well as a weekly calendar, and provides general information concerning class schedules, curriculum details, program summaries, and research descriptions.
University of Mississippi Physics and Astronomy Department
Offering bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs in Physics.
University of Nebraska, Lincoln - Department of Physics and Astronomy
Provides news and a special events calendar, class schedules and descriptions, research group highlights, facilities overview, and departmental directory, history, and general information.
University of Pittsburgh - Physics and Astronomy Department
Provides an overview of department, with history, awards, and faculty profiles. Also provides course pages, departmental directory, and information about research investigations.
University of Washington - Physics Department
Offers newsletter and information regarding the available programs of study, research projects, curriculum, classes, and departmental activities.
University of Wisconsin, Madison - Physics Department
Provides a general instructional overview, announcements, faculty directory, and class time schedules and descriptions.
USC Department of Physics and Astronomy
Seminars, research groups, classes and people.
Wake Forest University
Department of Physics.
Wayne State University - Department of Physics and Astronomy
Features current news and announcements and provides information regarding the planetarium, science teacher outreach programs, ongoing research, curriculum, careers, and student organizations.
William & Mary Physics Department
Contains research, faculty and news.
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