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This category is for organizations which do not themselves conduct scientific research but aim to spread information about such research. They organize meetings, publish journals and provide research grants for scientists in the field.

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American Academy of Arts and Sciences
The American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an honorary society that recognizes achievement in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities and conducts a varied program of projects and studies responsive to the needs and problems of society
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Research news, issue papers. Educational programs, science policy (U.S. and international).
ASERS: Academic Society for Education, Research & Science
ASERS is a professional organization which aims to promote excellence in scientific research and education for sustainable development and to play a major role in bringing science and society a step closer together.
Association of Clinical Research Professionals
International membership association offers certification, education/training, networking opportunities, industry news, and other related information.
Australian Academy of Science
Promotes science through a range of activities. Information on fellowship election, science policy, grants and awards, publications and reports.
British Science Association
Information about activities including National Science and Engineering Week, and the annual British Science Festival, plus educational resources and information about science in society issues.
Croatian Science Portal
Organisation which aims to promote and advance scientific work and inspire young generations towards a wide range of careers available in academic and research work.
The Explorers Club
Advancing field research and scientific exploration through expedition and student grants, public lectures, The Explorers Journal, research facilities and adventure travel programs.
Georgia Academy of Science
Organization dedicated to the promotion of science education and the fostering of scientific research in the state of Georgia.
InterAcademy Panel on International Issues (IAP)
Global network of science academies. It aims to help members to advise citizens and public officials on the scientific aspects of critical global issues. Includes news, programs and resources.
International Association of Engineers
IAENG is a non-profit international association of engineers and computer scientists which aims to promote co-operation between professionals in various fields of engineering.
International Council for Science
A non-governmental organization representing a global membership that includes both national scientific bodies and international scientific unions.
International Society for Molecular Electronics and Biocomputing
Fosters the interdisciplinary study of molecular electronics, ionics and photonics and information processing in natural and artificial molecular and biomolecular systems. Newsletters and conferences.
International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry
Covers any study of various aspects of symmetry and related concepts (e.g., proportion, rhythm, invariance) in science, art, and technology (`symmetrology').
The Kavli Foundation
The Foundation advances science in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience, neuroscience and theoretical physics through an international program of research institutes, professorships and symposia.
National Association of Maori Mathematicians, Scientists and Technologists. Newsletters and constitution (PDF).
The National Academy of Sciences, India
Provides a national forum for the publication of research work carried out by Indian scientists and to provide opportunities for exchange of views among them.
National Research Council of Sri Lanka
Public organization that plans and co-ordinates scientific research for the benefit of the country. Includes information on the objectives, programs, grants and funding.
The New Jersey Academy of Science
A private, non-profit, scientific and educational organization of scientists and others interested in science. Information of membership, meetings, education and grant programmes.
New York Academy of Sciences
Open to students and to all active professional scientists, physicians, and others who share the Academy's interests. News, meeting facilities, gallery, education, membership information.
The Nobel Foundation
Awards the annual prestigious Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, peace, medicine, economics, and literature. History, listing of laureates, and articles by invited authors.
Royal Microscopical Society
The Society aims to advance science, develop careers and support wider understanding of science and microscopy. Information on membership, news and events and publishes the Journal of Microscopy.
The Royal Society
The UK national academy of science, dedicated to recognizing excellence in science, furthering the role of science, engineering and technology and promoting public understanding of science.
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Information about evidence, advice and comment, events, seminars, debates, lectures, enquiries, research awards, publications and conference facilities. Special page for young people.
Royal Society of New Zealand
Society for the advancement and promotion of science and technology in New Zealand. Includes information on membership, news, publications, funding, education, events and policy.
Royal Society of Tasmania
Provides information on the objectives of the Society, its history, membership, lectures, publications, the library and awards.
The Sensometric Society
Aims to increase awareness of the methodology of sensory and consumer science, improve cooperation between people interested in sensometrics, and disseminate knowledge of sensometrics. Includes information on joining the society and forthcoming meetings.
Sigma Xi
The Scientific Research Society is a non-profit membership society of more than 80,000 scientists and engineers
Social Science Research Council
An independent, not-for-profit international organization that seeks to advance social science throughout the world. Information on initiatives, publications and areas of study, fellowships, related institutions and associations, and upcoming events.
Swiss Academy of Sciences
The national forum for the natural sciences. Description of the academy, its activities, contacts, events, reports, news.
Turkish-American Scientists and Scholars Association
An independent, non-profit and non-political organization with the aim of increasingcommunication and co-operation among its members and their counterparts.
Union of Concerned Scientists
Works for clean air and energy, safe and sufficient food.
Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists (JCMF)
Contacts, documents, chapters, sections, meetings, resources. English/Czech site.
University of Waterloo Scholarly Societies Project
Directory and searchable database of over 1300 scholarly societies with web sites.
West Virginia Academy of Science
A corporation chartered for the advancement of scientific knowledge and the promotion of scientific work in West Virginia. Information on history, membership, publications and meetings.
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
WASET is an international scientific society of distinguished scholars engaged in scientific, engineering and technological research. Provides information on meetings, publications and membership.
World Academy of Young Scientists (WAYS)
A global network of young scientists under the aegis of UNESCO, for young researchers to carry out scientific research and take part in science policy and decision-making.
World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS)
A scientific, non-profit organization that promotes the development and the unified consideration of new mathematical methods and computational techniques and their applications in science and engineering. Conferences, journals, newsletters, FAQs, members, books and board of directors.

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