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Frequently-updated sources for breaking news about science including news stories, features and press releases. Includes news filters which aggregate articles from multiple sources.

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Aggregates news and reports on worldwide scientific issues from news sources in Africa. [English, French]
Internet press center for European science, engineering and technology. Provides journalists with access to press releases, event details, an address book of researchers and press officers, and background press information.
AP: Top Science News
Headline news from The Associated Press. [RSS]
BBC News: Science & Environment
Science news, from a UK perspective. [RSS]
BBC News: Science & Environment
Breaking news, analysis and debate on science and nature in the UK and around the world.
BrightSurf Science News
Daily science news article headlines and press releases. Stories about recent scientific discoveries, new research and current events covering space, life and earth science.
CAS Newsroom
News updates about research progress in China. From the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Daily updates of news and interviews about European Union research, innovation and related activities. Also offers a press release service, the weekly Express briefing and the fortnightly Focus newsletter. [English, French, German, Italian, Spanish]
E! Science News
Latest science news articles, automatically update from all major science sources every 5 minutes.
Searchable database of science-related press releases from research institutions, universities, government agencies and corporations. Calendar, resources and links. From the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
EurekAlert! - Breaking News
Science-related press releases from research institutions, universities, government agencies and corporations. [RSS]
Europa: Research Information Centre
Science articles and stories indexed by themes and sub-themes to identify specific research topics. From the European Commission's Research department.
Google News: SciTech
Science and technology news from Google's automatically edited web news filter.
Google News: SciTech
Science and technology news from Google's automatically edited web news filter. [RSS]
ICT Results
Dedicated to producing news articles on EU funded research projects, addressing a broad range of technologies with market applications for business, industry, public services and our home lives.
Current news stories with a focus on space, environment, health, tech and nature.
Provides latest science news. Also offers science forum, free blogs, and science protocols
This site explains the latest research on the planet, from human biology to the animal world and the forces of nature.
Provides latest environmental science and conservation news.
Gives an overview of science, research and universities. Provides information on employment, careers and daily life as well as scientific news, the science job portal
National Geographic - Daily News
Offers daily news from several areas of science and technology.
Nature World News
Offers latest science news, research and articles from all around the world.
Nature: News
Daily updates of news and features from Nature, the international scientific journal. Also offers conference news, archives and job search.
Nature: News
Updates of news and features from Nature, the international scientific journal. [RSS]
New Zealand Herald: Science
National and international news and articles from the newspaper. [RSS]
New Zealand Herald: Science News
National and international science headlines, feature stories, and special reports.
News OST
Twice-weekly review of mainstream French press on topics of science and technology. From the Office for Science and Technology, Embassy of France in the United States. News
Science and technology news updated throughout the day from the weekly magazine.
Newswise - SciNews
Search, browse, and download current or archived articles and abstracts in comprehensive database of news releases from top research institutions. Designed for news reporters.
Pan European Networks: EU Science & Technology News
Provides news on current and future projects, policy change and problematic issues within science, technology, education.
Customizable source for current news in physics, technology, space, and earth science topics. Includes a weblog.
Quantum Times
Aggregates quantum physics and nanotechnology news stories.
Reuters: Science
Frequently updated science news and features with photos. Archives organized by date and subject.
Breaking news on a broad range of topics, including astronomy, archaeology, paleontology, medicine, biology, physics, genetics. Provides information on latest significant breakthroughs and discoveries, updated daily.
Science Daily
Offers news releases submitted by leading universities and other research organizations around the world, organized by day and topic.
Science News Daily
Daily general science and research news, physics and nanotechnology headlines.
Science World Report
Reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour from the eyes of the researcher and the interested public around the world.
Science360: News
Breaking science news and in-depth reports from scientists, college and university press offices, U.S. National Science Foundation’s institutions and other research organizations.
Providing the latest science news and information from top Australasian universities and research institutions.
Features summaries current science news stories on a various range of topics. [RSS]
ScienceBeing: News
Provides latest news on the life sciences, health, technology, environment and space.
ScienceDaily Headlines
Daily headlines about discoveries in the physical and life sciences, health and medicine, the environment, and technology, from the world's leading universities and research centers. [RSS]
Scientific American: Today's News
Daily science and technology news articles provided by the monthly magazine.
SciGuru News
Provides latest news stories on recent developments in science and technology
Latest outer space and science news, NASA information, space flight videos.
Topix: Science / Technology News
Headline links for news and commentary from diverse international news sources. Includes links to related topic groupings.
Universe Today
Provides latest astronomy and space exploration news.
University Herald
Brings breaking news from higher education institutions around the world.
The Washington Post: Health and Science
Provides coverage and analysis of health, healthcare, nutrition and fitness news, plus the latest science news.
Yahoo! News: Science
Aggregated headline news. [RSS]
Yahoo! News: Science
Links to stories from wire services around the world. Includes audio and video clips, slideshows and links to full coverage by topic.
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