Names of companies who manage, test, and handle the imaging services.

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BCC Microimaging, Inc.
Offers microscopy consulting, confocal microscopy, image processing, digital micrographs, stock images, imaging software, and labeled antibodies for mapping cell structures and oxidative DNA damage.
Bio-Imaging Research, Inc.
Designers and markers of industrial x-ray inspection imaging systems.
Includes neuroanatomy, bone histomorphometry, biomaterials, stereology, 3-D modeling, toxicology, pathology, cell biology, and time-lapse imaging.
ChemImage Corp.
Offers a suite of macroscopic and microscopic chemical imaging hardware and interpretive software, and imaging lab services for contract research organizations, pharmaceutical developers and research scientists.
Specializes in forensic and medical video image processing, supplies hardware, software and services from Pasadena, California.
Computerized NDT - Tomography
Industrial tomography 2D and 3D tomograms.
Gamma cameras for nuclear medicine imaging and solid state nuclear medicine technology. Diagnostic services in Suwanee, Georgia and camera sales, operations and support in Poway, California.
DNR Bio Imaging Systems
Manufactures professional gel documentation systems and analysis equipment for the life science research community. [PDF]
Fastec Imaging Corporation
Offers high-speed digital video cameras for industry, research and sports.
High Speed Imaging
High speed digital video cameras for research of motion analysis, particle image velocimetry, captures extremely fast action and slows it down.
I-cube Image Analysis and Processing
Reseller of imaging products including frame grabbers, digital cameras, software and analysis workstations.
Image Solutions
Specializes in imaging system consultancy and design.
Image analysis, processing and editing software for metrology, lab automation, machine vision, bioinformatics and material analysis. Compatibility with industrial imaging hardware and standard video capture devices.
Industrial Tomography Systems
ITS provides electrical tomography instrumentation, software, sensors and technical support. Process tomography is based on taking a number of measurements of a process from a sensor and combining these to provide information on the distribution of material within the volume of the sensor.
Invisible Vision Ltd.
Manufacturer and developer of a range of X-ray, UV, visible to NIR scientific cameras, technologies and accessories with an emphasis on ultra high speed and biomedical and biochemistry applications.
Itronics Imaging Technologies
High speed digital camera systems for motion analysis. On-line store, quick quotes and rental. Representing Roper Scientific MASD, Redlake, and Cooke Corporation.
Ixico Ltd
Delivers automated image analysis solutions in pre-clinical studies and clinical trials to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
K-Space Associates, Inc.
Scientific imaging systems.
LemnaTec GmbH
Automatic evaluation of biotests by image-processing.
Linescan Camera
Details of systems with computer interfacing for automation and spectral diagnostics in the UV, visible and IR range from manufacturer in Berlin, Germany.
MFC System Sdn. Bhd.
Manufacturer and distributor of digital high speed cameras based in Malaysia.
Nestor Technologies
Develops and sells systems for recognition and inspection of vehicle and cargo, with automatic container recognition, under vehicle scanning and damage inspection. Profile and product overview of company in Chasseneuil du Poitou, France. [French and English].
Paraytec Ltd
Designers, developers and manufacturers of UV area imaging equipment. Applications include nano-particle and protein sizing, dissolution testing and biocatalysis.
Designs and manufactures high performance digital cameras for scientific, industrial and OEM applications, including fluorescence microscopy, live cell imaging, low light applications and super resolution microscopy.
Rad-icon Imaging Corporation
Design and manufacturing of high-performance Radiation Image Sensors and Cameras utilizing CMOS image sensor technology.
Roper Scientific, Inc.
Manufacturer of high-performance CCD and ICCD digital camera systems designed for biological sciences, physical sciences, spectroscopy, and x-ray detection.
Thermal Vision
Thermography specialist offering training and consultancy. Examples, blog and contacts in Dunboyne, Ireland.
Provides software for the management, production, analysis and sharing of lab images, digital slides, medical and heritage images.
Zinir Ltd
Develops hand-held spectrophotometers and provides data analysis in the near infrared region.
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